A Knex challenge from logic boy

hey guys

I got bored again, so here's a challenge.

What I want you to do is build a motorbike from knex. It can be any colour and it can be built on any scale, but it cannot use any micro or exotic pieces.

Closes 30 april. Winner will get the satisfaction of winning no other prizes unless someone offers a patch. I just want to see what you guys can come up with. I might even make something.

Here is a picture of my motorbike.

Picture of A Knex challenge from logic boy
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GrandeSwag7 years ago

So far, this is the only entry, it has to win by default.

Even if someone else entered he'd still win.
Nope, I won.  That is my uncle riding it.
do you know how they make the red thingis on it
i can't figure it out
Red connectors and red rods.
 Actually, they're all different colored chain pieces.
!  When did Knex make red chain parts?
They are custom made for the desginers to make models like that.
 They aren't sold.
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