A Mistake?

Is this contest a mistake? Only 10 days till it closes and only 10 entries... that is pretty lame.... Instructables has never had a contest like this one, where you have to have in a way a specific product and hack it... What is your opinion on this contest??? Thanks!

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We started running this contest because we've seen our stuff hacked in creative, unexpected ways that we wanted to reward. It's really pretty simple. We're sorry about shipping issues--we know this is a problem for a lot of folks; we're working on it--and we're hoping the extended deadline will help, too. This is our first time doing this and we're learning as we go. So all that said, and knowing we haven't had a huge volume of entries, we're still really impressed with the hacks that have been entered, and thanks to Instructables for helping us make it happen. :)
comodore (author)  thinkgeekmonkeys8 years ago
I am not blaming you... I am nut familiar with the problem of shipping, but I understand... I posted this topic to see what other Instructables users, maker, inventors, hackers... think about this contest... I personally think the contest is a good idea, but the accessability of the products post a problem... Cheers :D
osgeld8 years ago
thank you for the extra time, its still going to be tight but i think what im trying to do is a little bit more reasonable now
LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
Honestly I'm not impressed. This should be open to copy their products too. They have tons of products that I would try to copy and improve.
I've actually copied many of their products, mainly apparel. I made a totoro hat, and to be honest, I prefer mine over theirs. Also, some of the stuff that they have is so basic, and when they sell it for ten bucks, I would rather make it, than order it.
comodore (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
Have you made your own thinkgeek product?
comodore (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
Hack or remake???
comodore (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
Yea, i made/replycated some of their products but they don't ship to my country... How about you?
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