A Night in San Francisco? [Sorted]

Right, here's a question for the San Franciscans amongst you...

What's to do overnight?

Kitefamily land in SF on the 29th July, just before 11pm, so I reckon it will be at least midnight before we get out of the airport.

Unfortunately, the apartment we have rented is not available until 1pm on the 30th.  That's half a day to kill.

If I was alone, that wouldn't be a problem, but I'll have Kitewife, Roger-X (15) & Conker-X (11) with me, as well as our luggage, after 16 hours on a plane.

So, does anybody have a suggestion of what to do?

Shall we be boring sensible, and book into a motel for a night?  Or can you come up with something more interesting to do, that is also family and luggage friendly?

A big ask, I know, but I'd like a good start to our month in SF.



OK, so it looks like we're going to be staying in a motel.  Anybody recommend a specific one?



Thanks, folks.  We've decided to ne normal and sensible, and have booked that night in The Dylan.

By the way...


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eclipsed5 years ago
I expect you are here now, so Welcome to California!
Kiteman (author)  eclipsed5 years ago
I am, and thank you.
sunshiine5 years ago
I came over here to wish you Happy days and pleasant smiles! Then I noticed that you decided to stay at a hotel! Awesome! You will share won't you? You know when you get back home? Have fun!
Kiteman (author)  sunshiine5 years ago
Try stopping me sharing!
Nope! I can't wait to hear! And one can't stop a TRAIN! Ck your mail!
Creativeman5 years ago
Too bad you're not docking at LAX...Los Angeles. You could jump on a shuttle, take it to my part of the world...a thirty minute ride at that time of night. I'd pick you up, we could talk and share, go to breakfast,then you guys could take a nap at my place, then on to your destination. I'm surprised no one has offered this in SF. Good luck, hope you don't get too stressed out with that experience.
They might have been offered, but the constant droning of bongos or tambourines or not relishing kombucha as a proper tea seems to have hastened their decision to take their chances on the street elsewise...
Kiteman (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
I'll admit, I was fishing for an invite like that, but my British reserve prevented me asking outright...
I'll admit, the last time the Brits overstayed their welcome here in America and it was difficult to get them to leave...about 200+ years ago.
lol.... I guess Canadians are "too polite" to ask them to go? :)
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