A Pile of Junk

Can you believe my wife called it that? Here I find out that a friend of a friend's company is clearing out it's inventory, so I score for next to nothing, all this cool vintage tech. And the first thing my wife does is call it junk, and second tell me "Don't bring that into MY house". So I desperately need to boast somewhere. Here's what I got. A PII notebook (won't boot, past setup screen needs new cmos battery) A PIII notebook ( boots couple bad spots on screen (Thinking sacrificial computer for dangerous projects)) PIV notebook Cracked screen (Thinking of docking it to replace my crufty old celery desktop) PIII Desktop (needs harddrive (same destiny as the P3 notebook) LCD projection panel, just 640X480 but NIB. A video camera, old school tape, but top of the line for it's vintage. a laser printer and a eighties vintage teleconferencer. Went around giggling like Beavis all day. Acquire any cool junk recently?

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ewilhelm10 years ago
When I lived in Boston's Back Bay, you could, and I did, furnish entire houses with the stuff thrown out exactly on yearly rental schedules. Trash days on the last week of August/first week of September were goldmines of desks, chairs, couches, vacuums, lamps, and bookshelves. It's funny that your wife is keeping your awesome junk out of the house. Just last weekend I was cleaning the garage and trying to decide what to do with my wife's collection of granite. More than a year ago, a stone-working shop was moving and throwing away scrap slabs of granite. Christy heard about this and brought home a quarter-ton of inch-thick granite slabs "for some future project." I also recently discovered pounds of broken, brightly colored glass pieces she smuggled across the country when we moved, again "for some future project." While we're on this subject of awesome free junk, would any of you be interested in a list of things like this that other users were selling/giving away? Would anyone be willing to pay the shipping for some old piece of useful hardware, if you couldn't pick it up in person. What would be the best way to handle something like this? Hint, hint...
If it helps any, we have around 28 tonnes of polished granite slabs up to 19ft long, we have no ide what to do with them, I suggested making a rather grand set of front steps for the house with one piece, a giant counter top with the tallest piece, sits about four' high, 15' long and 2' deep... helping much?
gmoon ewilhelm9 years ago
We have a municipal curbside "junk" pickup week every spring. From the beginning it's been a city-wide "swap meet." Everything I placed outside this year was picked up by the scroungers, not by the city. Every year I see a couple pickups filled with old lawnmower, destined to be revived and resold.... In past years I've grabbed a bit myself. There's always lots of lumber, computers, etc. RE: my own tech junk. Yes, I've toys I'd love to pass on. But it seems rather difficult to give it away... I traded some cool stuff on another forum, and received great gear in return (but that's the exception, so far...)
Hmm, I just stumbled upon this just now.....I don't know the best way to handle it, but I would certainly be interested in the list at very least :-)
Have you tried freecycle?

We use it all the time to get rid of or get junk. Sign up to the list and post what you have. Some one will want it.

I'm surprised no one mentioned it yet.
wow -- I was just putting something together to start a "Pay it foreword" type of post. I wanted to start it off with a small collection of mine to give it a chance of survivability....

The loose guidelines I was going to follow:

Thou shall add one (1) additional item per each item taken.
Thou shall provide a brief description that must include item condition, approx. age (if very old -- vintage) and how it was used.
Thou shall include at least one(1) picture of the actual item.
Thou shall be limited to one (1) per one (1) item available.
Shipping Policy
To make this work, you really shouldn't make or break even on a pay it foreword item. That being said, you should not have to pay an arm and a leg either. Below is a table for the suggested maximum shipping rate (that is, worst case scenario across the continental US). As both parties will know where the package is coming from and where it is going - both parties can calculate actual shipping charges before the item is sent.

Remember, the goal is to give something - and the cost is minimal. Of course, special cases for heavy and over sized items need not apply. However, you are encouraged to use flat rate shipping methods as the box is free and the rate is low ;)

Shipping wit USPS
For items less than 5lbs
Shipping will be free (this is part of the pay it foreword idealogical)
For: 5<items<=10
Shipping will be no more than $1.50 per pound
For: 10<items<=20
Shipping will be no more than $0.75 per pound + $10
For: 20<items<=30
Shipping will be no more than $0.50 per pound + $15

These prices are based off of USPS online postage calculator going from south Florida to California ;) Yes, I entered 30 postage weights, recorded each cost and then did a line estimation to get a postage cost.

Once received - leave feedback on the transaction in a place that the sender can not delete (not on the orange board). If you were overcharged for shipping - let the community know.

Feedback is important to the community. It makes sure everyone does their job and prevents troublemakers from causing more problems. If you should have a problem, address the party involved directly before coming to the community. Should you need to ask for outside help, do so in a respectful manner.

Don't post a request without offering something first. This just clutters everything up making things even more difficult.

What I have
This really isn't the right time just yet... but here's a few items I have (minus photos at the moment)

-Windshield wiper motor from a '93 MX6 - untested, comes with motor transmission
-Halogen Desk Lamp - requires bulb
- Cheap 7 function Multimeter - got it from Harbor Freight, still in original packaging. I keep one in my car for diagnosing parts (resistance sensors and such) and surface voltage battery testing
I have occasionally tried to give stuff away. Alas, it seems that the people most likely to be able to make use of such stuff (students) seem rather reluctant to give out a real shipping address. I don't think I blame them :-( (did you hear recently about someone using "craig's list" to set up roberies? Sigh.)
Gnaw westfw10 years ago
Yes, West was kind enough to help me with a missing piece in my instructable. Which will be updated this February right after I finish midterms. (Studying really hard) Being the poor student I am, I buy quiet a lot of used stuff from cragislist (laptops, my car, list goes on...). I didn't hear anything about this robbery story though! Some people really; just takes a few of them to ruin something great.
I think a "maker seeking parts"/ "parts free to good home" listing section would be a great addition to instructables. Alot of this stuff would not be practical to ship (i.e. 1/4t granite...), but if someone has just what you've been searching for to finish that project, the shipping would be worth it. Also, for folks who happen to be in the same area, stuff could be picked up.
canida ewilhelm10 years ago
Hey! Now that we've got a waterjet that granite is going to be totally sweet. The mosaic glass is awesome and absolutely necessary, too, so no more whining. Remind me why we're still storing your broken kites?
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