A Special Thanks To All Instructables Staff Members, Feature Team Members, Volunteers, AND Members!

I wanted to give some positive feedback to everyone here at instructables because I feel they have earned it. When I first signed up I must admit that I was very frustrated because everything was new to me. I kind of felt alone in a vast world of the unknown. I felt bad at times to email staff members or volunteers because lets face it everyone is busy. Thanks for being patient with me.

In time I have learned a lot. I have seen some very positive changes in the value of the contest prizes and the quality of the winners entries as well as the instructables staff working hard on the issues here. I personally wish to thank you all for your hard work and say I have noticed it! I also wish to thank everyone who has corresponded with me and answered my questions because you have been so helpful. A special thanks of course to Eric, Scoochmaroo, and Instructables Robot.

A special thanks to Nizerbean because she has worked very hard helping me become better and better at editing my entries. I value all of her time and hard work and well, thank you! I know the amount of time it takes to email back and forth and tweak here and there. It takes time away from you doing your own thing but know that I appreciate all you have done!

All of you volunteers Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope you feel appreciated.

I also wish to thank the members because they too make up the instructable site. Thank you for awesome instructables that we can learn from, have fun making, and exchange creative ideas! You rock! A special thanks to wilgubeast, Chrysn, and Stumpchunkman.

If any members wish to join me in giving this team some positive feedback please tell these wonderful people you value them also.
How about an online Thank You Instructables party with cupcakes, pies, bbq, drinks, and diy patches!

Thanks for reading this.


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Aww jeez. I hadn't seen this!

But really, thank you! You play a huge role in this community - always entering the weekly contests (and sometimes several times!), constantly cranking out well documented instructables, and commenting all over the place. I know you've probably made tons of people really happy with your positive comments. :)
sunshiine (author)  jessyratfink5 years ago
Thanks for your kind words there jessy! I think your contributions are appreciated and enjoyed by many. I think we are in agreement this is a great place to spend time. Have a beautiful day!
YES ! You have one of the MOST appropriate monikers on this site, a bright beam of Sunshine for all. TY.
sunshiine (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Blushing there Goodhart! Thanks for your kind words.
canucksgirl5 years ago
It was very nice of you to write this. It's important to acknowledge all those people that make this place great. That includes people like yourself who remember to thank everyone. So thank you sunshiine!!!
sunshiine (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Thanks for your kind words there canucksgirl! I think we all love this place! Thanks for commenting!
sunshiine (author) 5 years ago
I wanted to update my post by saying there are so many awesome replies that I can't just pick one to feature! I thank everyone that has posted! Have a splendorous day!
Instructables has brightened my world. To me it is a caring respectful creative international family, that I have been included in, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart
sunshiine (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
Thanks for commenting! It is a great community!
love4pds6 years ago
I am new and have really been more impressed with this site and the people that are on it. More so than any other website I have joined and then left because of not feeling comfortable enough to engage in. This one I will probably stay. You have all been very nice people, helpful and kind. Very interesting things to do and learn and fun contests that maybe one day I will get the hang of...lol. But thank you for making such a place where I actually feel OK to open my mouth and speak to other people (metaphorically), I am shy on the internet and get lost easily, but here you have made me feel very welcome and not feel like I have to fit into some pre-established group like most other places. I appreciate THAT so much you will never know. I am alone 24/7 and this has been so nice to come to and play and feel like I can say something and someone cares about it, for the first time, weird huh, to get so much from a website about making things...lol?
Bunches O Hugs,
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