A Thank You to One Very Thoughtful Little Girl

This last Wednesday, while sitting in my daughter's hospital room,  I picked up my computer and checked my e-mail.  There was a message from Cattrampoline wishing for my daughter to get well soon.  It took me a moment to put it all together.  My little girl, known here as sistergldnhair, has a best friend, known here as themoose64.  Moose posted to let the Instructables community know about SGH's upcoming surgery.

Here is the truth.  I am 45 years old and I did not see what one 11 year old little girl saw.  I should have know, but I missed how important this site is to SGH and just how much she would love to receive well wishes from the people here. 

On a trip to California last year, all SGH wanted to do was see Instructables.  I heard for months about how she got to meet Fungus Amongus and Angelabchua and how she got to play with Angie's dog.  She was practically bouncing when one of her Instructables was Featured and squealed when Scoochmaroo and Penelopy sent her a comment.  She also did a Forensic speech on Instructables.  Wrote Eric an e-mail.  He responded with some links and she worked and worked on her project.  And a few months ago, we had planned to attend the Instructables event in Chicago.  Unfortunately the same day as that event, SGH had to have an MRI/MRA of her brain.  The dye made her quite sick and we were not able to go.  One very heartbroken little girl.

She was scared to have the surgery, which was to her forehead above her right eye.  Afraid of the anesthesia and afraid of how she would look when it was all done.

Moose wrote a post and received some criticism for spelling you as U and a few other mistakes in language usage.  I absolutely, 100 percent understand that criticism.  I edit and proofread for a living and I really do get it.  I am not at all fond of this texting lingo, but putting that part of the post aside, the meaning behind it was significant.  Two little girls that have been best buddies since Kindergarten and one of them did an amazing thing for the other in an effort to make this difficult time a little easier.

So, I thank themoose64 and I am so thankful that I will have the opportunity to see her grow into an amazing young lady.

As for my SGH, the surgery was a little more complicated than they thought.  She was very sick and the first smile she was able to give me was when I read her cattrampoline's message. She is very swollen and can't move her face yet.  This is all very traumatic, but we know it is only temporary.   Today is better, as I expect each day will be.  And she is working on her next Instructable, a hospital gown for children that keeps your backside covered =)

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lambatla5 years ago
Hope your girl will recover fast.Pray for ...
theoldguy5 years ago
Best wishes from Australia. That's due south and make a right hand turn when it starts to snow. It stops snowing when you pass New Zealand, thank goodness.
peanuteche5 years ago
Here's some positive mojo...think big, great things will happen!
paganwonder5 years ago
sistergldnhair, Peace be with you, I hope you are getting better every day!
I run a maternity unit and my friend runs the pediatric unit in the same hospital- we would both love to see any 'ibles or ideas you have about how we could do a better job of taking care of people. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about gowns.
We will give you full credit for any of your ideas we use or anything inspired by your work!
Be well, and thank you for sharing!
blossom92835 years ago
Get Well Soon! I made this picture for you:
Goodhart5 years ago
I have been a bit "out of touch" of late also, domestic problems, but I am not excusing myself for missing this either.

I do hope she recovers expeditiously.   

Also special KUDOS to Cattrampoline and moose64 ! 
cdawisconsin (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Thank you. I hope you got my PM. She loved the patch =)
Yes, have issued patches all around :-)
Awww, I had no idea about any of this! I must have missed the forum topic talking about it. Best wishes to your daughter for a speedy recovery!
cdawisconsin (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago
I hope you got my PM, but I wanted to say thank you again. Big smiles all weekend =)
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