A "To Do List"

How cool would it be to have a "to do" list on here? I love the favorites feature, and agree with other posters that it needs to have a way to easily organize your favorites or search within your favorites. (I'm not sure about all it has, can't afford a pro membership yet)

But, for those with pro, I could see how a to-do list would be sweet, where you can add an instructable to your "to-do" list and go back later and prioritize the items within it. Kinda like how Amazon has the priority wish lists.

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It would be great to have a to do list! Say, I have to finish this instructable, make this project, upload pics to this other one, and ask a certain question. This would be useful, and you could electronically check it off when you finish something!
justjimAZ5 years ago
Interesting idea!
I would love this.
southbaysue7 years ago
Ooooh! Yes, please!!!
I support this idea!
your dog7 years ago
Oh yeah thats a great idea!
plugable7 years ago
That's a great idea! No more bookmarks or opened tabs in my browser that only waste space.