A Year With Craftershock

Craftershock.com is celebrating their one year anniversary!

To commemorate, they've compiled a list of their 10 top most popular posts, some of which you've seen right here on instructables!

I'm in love with numbers 9 and 1, paper flower table settings and cuteness-overload: cameras inside of cameras! Plus did you see that cactus pin cushion? A-dorable.

Sadly, a lot of what you'll see on craftershock isn't available in tutorial format. But the creators have been gracious enough to post at least one instructable! Check out Loco for Gocco, which made number 4 on their favorites list, and encourage them to post more!

Picture of A Year With Craftershock
tarzioo8 years ago
that's pretty cool!!
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Cool camera wallet! when minimized it looks EXACTLY like a digital camera
First I've ever heard of it, but that saguaro cactus pincushion was enough to make me bookmark it.