A bit of poetry

A lot of my classes involve creating stories and stuff....My favorite is poetry,which is why I always choose it as assignement. (We get to chose how to write about a toic that the teacher gives us)

Here I'll post a bit of my poetry (which is not to be considered great)


I am a pencil
I leave my mistakes behind
You get the point, right?

Orange Leaves falling
in a twilight autumn noon
A sight to behold

The gentle dog sits,
playfully rolls around, and
bows for his master

Rain falling from sky
The clouds weep for a lost friend
The sun has not come

Ok, I have a challenge for you. I wrote some poetry...but its in spanish....Find out what it means..WITHOUT using a translator!

I'll post one today:

Mi Eclipse

Te fuiste......te fuiste y no volviste....

Me dejaste solo y desconsolado...... Me has abandonado.....

Te he llorado, te he extranado..... y aun te llamo

Me has dejado en la oscuridad. Como la luna, me has tapado la luz hacia el alma, y me has privado del calor en mi corazon.

Camine en la oscuridad, ciego y desconsolado he caminado. Busque y busque, pero no encontrado la esperanza que buscaba...... Mi corazon apunalado ya no podr­a caminar mas.....la herida era demasiado.

Cansado de buscar, me sentia en la oscuridad, esperando lo que nunca iba a venir.......pidiendo lo que nunca iba a obtener.

Ya no aguantaba mas..........Necesitaba ver algo. La oscuridad ya era demasiado pesada.....solo queria salir de esa pesadilla....

Quise ver el dolor.......Quise ver la luz.

Me corte y me rasgue......¦ Quise ver el dolor.......Quise ver la luz.

Llegue al lugar, pero no vi la luz.....solo mas oscuridad. Pero esta oscuridad era diferente.....No era pesada.....Era callada....Habi­a luz.....pero no brillaba......Estaba confundido..

Ahi­ vi la luz....... Ahi­ vi una luz en medio de oscuridad. Su hola aclaro el di­a y se llevo las nubes. Ahora podi­a ver......Ahora podi­a ver....

Mi eclipse habi­a pasado. Ya podi­a ver la luz. Ella era mi nueva luz.

Ya no te necesito, pues he encontrado un nuevo sol.

I'll add more poetry later, as soon as I find my notebooks. Feel free to post your own and comment if you like.

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tech-king9 years ago
i hate poetry, haikus in particular. i feel if you cant say it normally, its not worth hearing.
It wouldn't be because lyrical, metered, and rhymed poetry takes both skills in one's language as well as a creative side, would it? :-)

I take it then you refuse to see
that poems can be lovely
If poems are what you disdain
Another skill then is in your brain.

Another skill set is your bag
still others then you should not nag
Ignore the things that you then hate
Let others do what's in their fate.

Quickly and crudely compose in a rushed manner 5 minutes ago, by your friendly neighborhood GH. :-)
Keith-Kid (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
its not a question of it being beautiful or my not being artistic; i find poetry is impractical.
i find poetry is impractical.

So is going to the bathroom. Still, in terms of stretching one's mind, it can be very practical :-)
if you have something to say to me, say it normally or dont say it. i dont have time for poetry; i dont have time to puzzle out the symbolism behind the poem. thats why i hate poetry.
Hmm, I always come up with "wait time" now and then. But it is to each person's liking or ability, too. I write it, because it stretches my mind.

Do you like songs ? Most rhyme and are metred, and are therefore poetry. But I am not trying to convince you to accept, like, or write it, just trying to get you to understand why I do write it, and read occasionally.
Patrik Goodhart9 years ago
Yeah, there's lots of things we do, not because they're practical, but just because we enjoy them. Like listening to music, reading a novel, watching a movie, going on a nature hike, drawing pictures, or even etching images on plexiglass... all very impractical. :-P
poetry does not follow the rules- its not brief, its not going straight to the point, and it doesnt really help me with anything
I understand that. But it does help ME with things, even if only from enjoyment. But it does exercise my vocabulary (since I try to make mine both metred and rhymed), and other portions of the brain, stimuating it in new ways. You many not need to worry about things like this now, but as I get older, I have noticed how much "doing things differently" keeps my brain young. Now, I have evidence to this effect.

Keeping the brain young, should start when one is not really very old.....
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