A bullpup SR-v2 (just the desin of it )

To start I know the true definition of bullpup is mag behind the handle but i does not matter.
I made it on MLcad as you can see, it will probably be my last sling shot i make so i want it to be the best i have made so If you have any thing that would improve it, tell me (sorry for using bold but people will see it)
i will probly try and put a...
a winch( to make loading easier)
2 bipod locations
ammo storage
and what ever else anyone can think of

Picture of A bullpup SR-v2 (just the desin of it )
sniper 2.JPG
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knexguy7 years ago
But the mechanism was behind the handle in the first version?

Also, as Ooda said, you'd want the mech virtually in the stock.  The point of making a weapon bullpup is to decrease barrel length.
Lol, late or whatever but its to decrease the gun length.
That's exactly what I said.
No, you said to decrease the barrel length.
In the context of the SRV2, to decrease the barrel length is to decrease the gun length.
oodalumps7 years ago
If you want it to be an effective bullpup, the trigger mech should be right next to the back of the stock.
Just wondering, why would that be? I'm not to fimilar with bullpups but it seems that with a SR-V2 trigger you could put it anywhere you want on the gun aslong as it connects to the mech on the back in a way that moves it backward.
The point of a bullpup is to decrease the length of the weapon, so the further back the mech is, the less of the barrel sticks out the front of the weapon and so the weapon is shorter but with the same length of barrel (and therefore the same power)
 Ah, thank you for that clarification.

That seems to kinda make a bullpup SR-V2 seem kinda silly though, because even at it's shortest length, it's still stupidly long. I mean it's really comparable to making a pullpup 50cal sniper rifle.
the barret model 99 is a bullpup
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