A bunch of Funny images I found somewhere

You gotta see them...Source
Here are my favorites...

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Z1ggy8 years ago
check this one out.
DJ Radio Z1ggy8 years ago
Dat's rad dawg.
Would have been funnier if he fell...
Matt21497 Z1ggy8 years ago
M4D SK1llZ
ReCreate (author)  Z1ggy8 years ago
Z1ggy8 years ago
not sure how this is even possible.
I posted a forum topic on this a long time ago. The strange thing is, it said -2 comments. I made a comment, and it went to -1.


The picture is bad because that was before I learned about the print screen button.
ReCreate (author)  Z1ggy8 years ago
Bigev8 years ago
My favorites. Courtesy of http://roflrazzi.com/
ReCreate (author)  Bigev8 years ago
Yeah that guy's a genius
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