A car just ran over my skateboard...

Yeah..... My friend came over and was riding my skateboard
and he went up my driveway (which is a slight incline upwards) and tripped,
which sent the skateboard out from under him and back down the driveway and into the street were a car who was just driving by at the exact same instant drove by and went right over my skateboard!!

This all happened so fast that i didn't have time to jump and save my poor baby from that car. =(

Oh well at least me or my friend didn't get run over. I'm not really mad at him, I am more mad at the driver who just kept on going after he had just run my skateboard over!!!

Oh well i will just have to get a new deck. I will hang the snapped deck on my wall though.

Picture of A car just ran over my skateboard...
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Kiteman10 years ago
Now you can use the trucks for something Instructablishy weird. Mount something scary on them for a hallowe'en entry, or make a small hearse-shaped skateboard.
Rishnai Kiteman9 years ago
I second the idea for a hearse-shaped skateboard.
Thirded! Don't hang those wheels up just to gather dust! They're still perfectly fine!
Uh... Bump?
severepb8 years ago
reminds me of a time when my friend (who skates, i bmx) and i were at burger king. he was texting and his board was in the parking lot next to the drive through. a car came by and hit it. it was loud and the guy thought he hit a soda can. but he got 20 bucks to buy a new one.
good thing it wasnt an expensive longboard!
Brennn1010 years ago
Aww man that sucks. Good thing your friend is safe though!
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  Brennn1010 years ago
Yep it does suck, but ya I'm glad nobody got run over!
i gess that's why you're call teacher of the ways.
FireBAT9 years ago
Bummer! That deck looks pretty thrashed, at least it wasn't new. I had one of those narrow, 1970's plastic ones for about 3 days. I went to kick it up over a curb, it rolled away, and got flattened (Literally) by a triaxle dump truck. Have fun designing the new one!
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