A challenging grenade

I have a challenge for you! This could be considered either a game or a grenade, but either way, it is NOT easy to make, no matter how simple it may look. The object of the game is to keep adding connectors on top of each other inside a small rubber band until you either can't add any more, or it explodes. How you do this is up to you, but be warned, this is also a grenade. It is subject to blowing up at any time, and this warning should not be taken lightly. The materials you need are a bunch of yellow connectors and a small rubber band that will wrap loosely around one yellow connector. You can figure out the rest from there, it is a game, after all. I got up to ten for this topic, then took pictures and a video before it exploded +P There are rules, though. You may not use any special tools to wrap the band around, you may only use your hands and possibly a tabletop. And because of You's comment, it has to be in a line... And please, be careful! How many can you get? 5? 10? 20? Tell me!

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Mintyhippo9 years ago
i got to 9 and it blew up when i was putting in the tenth, and p.s. New Image!
smidge14710 years ago
lol screw trying to lug that around lets face it knex grenades dont work and they never will.
whatabout mine?
I have to make a knex mine for my sniper kit still thinking of a way to do it. I am making all the kits from bf 2142 E.U. first!!!
Mepain (author)  smidge14710 years ago
I posted this not for the grenades and using them in knex wars, but to chalenge anybody willing to try to make it. It also makes a big "explosion." +P
codwell4life10 years ago
dude i made 14 and my elastic broke...lol
Whaleman10 years ago
I win. The first one is 14, the second is 30. The last pic is of the band I used, showing that it fits loosely around the half circle. I used only my hands and a table, the first was stable enough to be moved, but the second was not =(. Oh well.

Hey, you didn't say it had to be in a line!

I win 001.jpgI win 002.jpgI win 003.jpg
Mepain (author)  Whaleman10 years ago
I did say on top of each other, though. Soooo technically...
Whaleman Mepain10 years ago
fine. I still win. 15. If I had a larger band I could add more...... same band as before.
I win.jpg
Whaleman Whaleman10 years ago
My bad, 14
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