A challenging riddle

Alrite here is the riddle.The area code 212 is given to New York city 213 to Chicago and 312 to La. There is a very good reason why this is. HINT; The oder you are the more it might make sense.

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eulaliaaaa!8 years ago
I have a riddle from a movie about a bank robbery. Which weighs more, the number of trains pass through Grand Central Station in a month, Or the number of trees cut down to make dollar bills in a year? If you are english or from a country other than America, you probably won't be able to figure it out unless you saw the movie...
Goodhart10 years ago
But, do you remember exchanges like MtVille-5555 :-)
. My phone number, back in the 60s, was UNion(86)2-1034. To dial it locally, you only needed the last five numbers.
yeah I can still remember the stir I caused when I bought a new fangled answering machine and ended up recording our party line's calls that came in LOL OOOOOPs.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Without looking it up, I'll guess that it's because those would be the most dialed ACs and they would take less time to dial on a rotary phone than 815, 618, &c. Did I even come close?
Sounds about right.
its a lion10 years ago
i had to look it up too. i think your area codes are wrong though. LA would be 213, and Chicago 312. at least the site i found had them listed as that. it makes sense though after looking it up.
I looked it up..the answer makes a lot of sense..but I won't post it, as to not ruin it for everyone else.