A comment on slideshow option...

Is there a way to shut off the slideshow option and see it like the rest of instructables? It seems to be slow, clumsy and eye-iritating to the point that it's not worth fighting with to look at. Feel free to disagree and post your opinion.

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westfw10 years ago
Suggestions here? 1) the default rate is way too fast. (hmm. Already adjusted? It's better now.) 2) The default text color/size doesn't stand out very well. 3) There should be some indication of how many slides are in the show, and where in the list the current slide is. Perhaps this can all be in the bottom slide bar, with it scrolling sideways along with the show? (there's plenty of room there for a "15 of 102" or similar.) 4) I'd like to see a button that will go all the way back to the beginning. (shouldn't the controls be double-arrow back (to beginning), single-arrow back (back one), stop/go, and "one foward." ? Too many things are using that double backarrow in ways I don't expect. I must be old!)
jtobako (author)  westfw10 years ago
1) default rate was too slow for me... 2) I think text might go better in a separate box, similar to the yellow boxes so that they can be 'pointed' more effectively. 3) a full list of thumbnails with a highlight box around the current one would be nice. 4) see #3 : )
Lftndbt10 years ago
As long as the ible's, don't get flooded by sideshow's posing as ible's. I can't see a problem with them.. They seem do be a good medium between idea's and an ible. I plan on using one to showcase my project's I have completed off the site.... I was surprised that my snail net coped with it. Nice way to spice thing's up a lil'..... ;)
jtobako (author)  Lftndbt10 years ago
Then, like forum posts, shouldn't they have their own area?
Lftndbt jtobako10 years ago
Edit:~ last post

Hmmm.. looks like I'm throughing, search ible's / search Slideshows into FF speed dial.....
I definatley will be using, to search seperatley when needed..
trebuchet0310 years ago
The important thing..... Make sure the developers know this ;) Think about it from an engineering stance - don't focus why it doesn't work (no more than to identify and understand why), say how it can work ;)
Good point. Some thoughts on how it might work: - add the ability to change the view from slideshow to gallery-thumbnail chooser, or to a series of pictures. - merge slideshow capability into the main instructable format. Well suited for those single steps with multiple pictures; currently, you have to click on "the other" picture to view it in context.
This gets all the images in a row, and I'm working on getting the text.

I'm working on something to adjust everything, like speed.
jtobako (author)  zachninme10 years ago
Nothing like a complicated solution to a simple problem ; )
zachninme jtobako10 years ago
Its not complicated... for you ;-P
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