A cool I'ble at OHM2013 hackers festival.

No Maker Faire this time but the biggest Europeen Hacker/Maker festival in the north of The Netherlands. 3000 hackers from all over the world came together for 5 days to share knowledge, skills and friendship. IamWe was there with his son to join lectures, workshops, conferences and party's all over the place. As extra I made an I'ble and a short impression of the event. Enjoy...

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rimar20004 years ago
Congratulations, Berto!
ynze4 years ago
Ow wonderful!
Dave A4 years ago
Haha, I knew it was you Berto! I saw you on the RTV broadcast, thursday midday amd inmediatly reconiced you by the hat. That was the only day I wasn't around the fablab from Alkmaar, De Kaasfabriek. I see you found us on the festival. (Wasn't hard with the yellow container between all the white tents...). It's a pitty we didn't met there. Next time, in Groningen maybe, at the makerfaire? Kerkrade I won't make, because we will have the official opening with the fablab then. You did a fine job with the motorized airbed there. I'm planning to make your outboard for my inflatable boat one of these days.
BrittLiv4 years ago
I was really annoyed, that they picked the same date for the Maker Faire and the OHM. I really wanted to go there.
Kiteman4 years ago