A couple new Knex guns of mine

Here's some pictures of guns I've made lately. I most likely won't make instructions because they use too many pieces for most people to build. Tell me what you guys think. Cannon 2.0: This cannon mod shoots rods instead of blocks of Knex. I can say without a doubt, it is the farthest shooting Knex gun out there (yes, farther than KILLERK's pistol). And no more crap-handle :3 Pump-action fully-auto: I made this yesterday. It's a pump-action that gives 6 shots for 1 pump. Because I haven't built a good trigger for it yet, it is shot by pressing down that thing sticking out of the top (shoots 1 at a time, but very quickly depending on how fast you press it) . Shoots green rods with surprising accuracy and distance. Holds 42 bullets. Doubt I will post.

Picture of A couple new Knex guns of mine
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chazman28 years ago
so wunt to make it post it post it post it please
I highly doubt even oodalumps would keep a gun for 2 years.
i think he still has the cannon made
Capt. Fat8 years ago
What does the last gun do??
Quoting Mepain:

Congratulations on noticing the topic is over a year old.

I don't care, I just want to know the stays of the gun in the third pic
Mepain8 years ago
Congratulations on noticing the topic is over a year old.
DJ Radio Mepain8 years ago
lol, in a few months, it will be 2 years old.....
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