A dangerous acid is in schools

I would like to start a poll here.
Dihydrogen Monoxide is a dangerous acid that can kill in a multitude of simple ways. It is all over schools and I would like to know:
Do you think it should be banned?
pleases leave your comment in the appropriate area below, and at the end of the week, I'll tell you what it is. (and if you do know what it is, please don't spoil it) I would like to see your respinse before you research.



Dihydrogen mononoxide - H2O , water.

Some students at ATM University sent around a research study and a poll and around 80% of the student population voted to ban it. This is an interesting effect of how ingnorance can have a significant affect on life. Moral: DO THE RESEARCH!

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bumpus9 years ago
A friend of mine got some kind of wicked acid on her wrist a month ago, took a few layers of skin off.. :( She's fine now, but has a darker spot where it was..
Brennn10 bumpus9 years ago
I have had that experience. I got a good amount of silver nitrate on my hand. At first it is grayish/white, then it turns to a purple, and finally it turns to black. It looked like I had a pigment disorder.
I got attacked by something in chemistry and the discolouration to my fingernail has never left, not sure what because I spilt a fair few chemicals that day, it has faded a little now that I inspect it, though it makes the scar that runs in to my fingernail and faintly under it patently obvious...

before someone chimes in it's not from smoking, this happened before I started...
It may have been an alkaline. A very reactive base can cause extremely horrific damage if left unchecked. If a bit of it embedded itself in your skin or under the nail, it may take awhile to rid yourself of it. Or the nail may have to eventually grow all the way out. OR be removed if you experience any toxicity.
TFA is rather unpleasant, I shan't be spilling that on my finger again...

carboxylic acid sounds nasty, what were you using it for?
Trifluoroacetic is good for cracking acid-labile linkages. It's dry and soluble in organic solvents such as dichloromethane, but it's a real-pain under the fingernail.
To be really specific I was knocking things of a Wang-polystyrene

Ok, understood...to a point. That is chemistry a little beyond my knowledge base (although I have read a bit about peptides) :-)
It's all god fun and you earn a lot of money, but it's leading you into big pharma, or not in my case, I decided to drop-out. L
I got attacked by copper in chemistry class. I washed out the little clay pot we were using, and the water came out a bit harder than I expected. Some of the copper got into my eye.
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