A dangerous path to walk.....

A man and a myth

Judge for yourself. It is your health, indeed your life that may be at risk if you take the advice of a "salesman" over a health official.

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Doctor What10 years ago
I've seen the infomercials before. And I don't get why people would actually believe that. The infomercial seems so fake, why would any person actually buy that. I'm a sucker for gimmicks, and even I can tell they are trying to screw people over. The only things these books do is give false cures for something that should be taken care of by a professional. They should be responsible for all the medical bills that they cause. The whole idea of a book of cures is just a stupid idea, how can one man come up with a book of cures for every disease known to man, even herpes, yes, you too can cure herpes!!! All you need is a sprig of rosemary and five gallons of your finest drug store whiskey!!! This one man, or multiple people (I think I have heard on the infomercial before that they have a team working on this) come up with so many different cures for so many diseases. If you look at it from a common sense point of view, only an idiot would buy these things.
Goodhart (author)  Doctor What10 years ago
The only things these books do is give false cures...

Actually, as was posted by someone before, if you actually read the book ( I have a copy for reference) there are NO cures in the book, not a one. Not even the hint at one. He rants on and on about all the cures that medical science is hiding from us.

That the Docs "make us sick in order to keep us coming back". Well, I don't know what planet he is from, but I would not continue to go to a doc that made me or kept me ill all the time.

And all those evil pharmacological companies that want to just take your money and not give you anything in return (sounds like a perfect description of Kevin Trudeau, selling a worthless book with no information in it).
Really?? Isn't it false advertising?? Someone should class-action lawsuit his (censored).
Goodhart (author)  Doctor What10 years ago
It is, but it isn't. You can sell a book, that is blue in color as "The Green Book"; false advertisement ? Yes on one hand, on the other, the "freedom of speech" laws are on his side. The book simply claims there are these cures, and when you go to his web site you find you must pay for them (and soon you discover that you pay again and again).
Doctor What10 years ago
What exactly is the cat with the mouse for??
Goodhart (author)  Doctor What10 years ago
Just thought that was a dangerous thing for him to be doing.....my weird sense of humor LOL
LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
Absolute bogus. This guy is just another scammer. I read the book (library, not mine)and it didn't have any "cures" in it. Absolute bogus.
Goodhart (author)  LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
Exactly, so he gets you to go to his web site to find the "real" secrets. And then, from there, you have to subscribe, where he will over charge you to tell you that staring into the setting sun (last hour only) will cure you of all your ills. I have a few close relatives that have been sucked into this "I've got a secret and they are all out to surpress it....right along with little green men, and the need to cover yourself in tin foil to keep the 'mind altering rays' out of your head", garbage. That and oil fields for pennies on the dollar....sigh
It just saddens me that people like Kevin Trudeau and Rhonda Byrne (of "The Secret" fame) can write complete b.s. like this and make so much money off of it. People are so unhappy and lazy these days and just want a quick fix. :(
Goodhart (author)  jessyratfink10 years ago
That and they love a good mystery. Give them "Conspiracy Theory" and watch the ole imaginations fly ! *sigh*

Those I mention that got this book because they believe ! also invested a lot of money into the Oil fields scam .... it is sad.
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