A free and unique tool for building professionals

This is meant to be given as a gift or used as a simple tool for building professionals. It is a safer, faster and accurate way to measure roof areas.

Picture of A free and unique tool for building professionals
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Mystique15087 months ago

Thank you soooooo much!!! <3

This is really cool!

Drsch1 year ago

I'll take one! where do a guy find em?


dueymack (author)  Drsch1 year ago

Thanks for your positive interest. The PDF file associated with this instructable IS the tool. Print the file out on cardstock, cut the cardstock out and drill out the 2 pivot locations and add the axles (post) making it like the picture. This tool is not for sale. It must be constructed after printing it out :-D

Kiteman5 years ago
Does it come with instructions?
dueymack (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Assuming that you mean how to use it rather than how to make it, well, no not yet.

I have had one comment so far suggesting this and I will update very soon accordingly.

I WAS thinking it to be rather simple to figure out and thus the reason for not including this yet.

thanks for the help.

You could restate the formula you use with better graphics length x width x factor = area. I thought the [x] in the box were checkmarks for something to list out the features and was trying to see what you do with the factor lookup.
dueymack (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
I'll do that today and upload a new PDF. Thanks for the suggestion.
dueymack (author)  lita3885 years ago
Many thanks!
Is it for you?

If so I would really like some criticism to make improvements.
I'd like to to make it better.

BobCat dueymack5 years ago
You should do an instructable on estimating roofing materials using this and enter it into a contest. I would definitely vote for it.
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