A good story with Halo stuff in it

Ok, I have an idea. What you do is you type up a story with Halo characters, weapons, gunfights, etc. You can make two different ones: 1. A story with an ending. 2. A story where you start the story, but don't finish it, like a short story. But then, some one else comes in and tells the story from where the other person stopped. To put it simple, lets use two random names, Zack & Dan. Zack starts the story, when he wants to stop, he types "FINISH THE REST", and Dan types "continued from Zack", then types the next part in the story and so on & so forth. Please do not try to tell the story like it goes Zack starts, then Dan, then someone else, then another person tries to tell the story where Dan left off after someone already did that part. Any questions? Then start writing/typing!!!!

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crestind10 years ago
It is 2050. Much of the world's natural resources have been exhausted. 90% of the world's species have been driven to extinction due to mismanagement. About 0.001% of the water is fit for use, the remainder being so toxic that life cannot be sustained it it. Shortages of basic necessities like water and electricity plague the world. Countries battle over precious resources like water and land.
soon, America makes a super human to fight to get those resources..... MASTER CHIEF!
Whaleman crestind10 years ago
sounds like battlefield 2142 The year is 2142. Ice has covered most of the planet and depleted nearly all of its natural resources. Humans are left scrambling for the equator, where a sliver of land is still habitable. What awaits them when they arrive will make them question if they should have stayed in their home land. What awaits them when they arrive is complete war.
crestind Whaleman10 years ago
Wow. I can imagine that happening, but not in 2142. Maybe 2020 or 2015. Mark my words...
Hay! What's wrong with 2015?
The world's gonna end in 2012 anyway
Nothing. That's probably when the Amazon rain forest will disappear completely, there will be no fish in the ocean, and everybody is reduced to cannibalism to survive because the U.S. wasted all of the world's resources.
I graduate in 2010, so that's a little scary...
Whaleman crestind10 years ago
Ok, hilighter or bold?
crestind Whaleman10 years ago
lol both
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