A keyboard button pushing robot/ machine?

Can anyone build a bot that can sit on a desk and press the A key or left/right arrow keys every 10-15 min?

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Rodrigo C2 years ago


Goodhart5 years ago
one could go low tech and have an actuator and a clock-works mechanism to set the actuator in motion every 10 minutes or so, OR you could go hight tech and use the famous Aduino to do the same thing.
Kiteman5 years ago
Gold mining?
imarere (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
No not something to play the game! Just something to not let me get logged out due to being afk
Kiteman imarere5 years ago
I think you need two things - "legs", to bring you back to the keyboard, and "a finger" to hit a key.

If something is going to keep you away from the game, and you aren't willing to leave this other thing for a couple of seconds to hit a key, then it is clearly more important than the game. Let the game log you out, get on with life.
imarere (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
On your page it says you help people make their ideas become a project. But with my idea you shoot it down and tell me to walk over and hit the key myself. Do you have any idea how to be a single dad of twins? Sometimes I just can't walk over to do that. I am a GM and need to stay logged in during certin hours to answer and guide members of my guild. I have made a program to catch all chats and store them but it only works when logged in. So if you would like to help please do. If you would like to just poke at me with useless comments please keep them to yourself.
Okay, this might seem too easy, but couldn't you just talk to the developer (that set up the system), to change your session settings so that you don't get logged out after a short amount of inactivity? I mean 10-15 minutes is pretty short, and perhaps fine for the average member, but if your the GM, you should have the ability to stay logged in for at least an hour or 2 without being kicked out. And usually as an Admin you can have different settings. (BTW, I know they can do this, so don't take their "well, that's a lot of work" bs as an excuse).
imarere (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
I do apologize but when I said GM I ment I am the guild master not a game master
No problem. So are you able to talk to your developer or IT guy to increase your session time?
imarere (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Due to me not working for the games developer I'm afraid that is not an option
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