A late newsflash - Creationism being taught legally.

This just turned up in my email:

***www.NewScientist.com - NEWSFLASH***

On the 28 June, The Science Education Act was passed as law in the State of Louisiana. This piece of legislature now allows teachers in this US state to present non-scientific alternatives to evolution, global warming and cloning – including ideas related to intelligent design. Opponents fear that Louisiana teachers are now free to present evolution and other targeted topics as matters of debate rather than broadly accepted science, and could have national implications.


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dsman1952769 years ago
thats interesting, why can't they just leave religion out of teachings in school? i am not really for this. it will just make the kids feel like religion is a chore.
And fact.
no, why would it?
No, it would make children feel as though religion is a fact, which you must agree that it is not. Whatever is taught in schools is factual; Gravity, history, chemicals, the periodic table, Art, so it would be fine to say that if religion is taught in schools, it would make the children seem as though it is fact, which it is definitely not.
well, i would say not proven fact. i see where you are going with that. though, i never saw evolution and the big bang to be fact even though it was taught to me. but since i was Christian at the time i can see how it would be different for someone else who is not religious.
But what I mean is that it's not fact. It's not even a scientifically recognized theory. Everything else taught in schools is fact or a theory generally recognized and agreed upon theory. But religion, ID, god or anything like that is not factual.

Everything else taught in schools is fact or a theory generally recognized and agreed upon theory.
Schools can teach philosophy, ethics, political correctness, how you will save the planet from absolute destruction by using compact fluorescents... And art and music appreciation... Lots of things that are subjective (opinions) vs objective (facts). And lots of things that are later proven wrong, things based on personal interpretations... Schools teach far more than black and white, there is a lot of grey in there, far more than they or you care to admit.
But Everyting taught in SCIENCE class is factual or at least generally agreed upon. Same in English and Algebra; all of the classes that you HAVE to take. Everything else is additional. The things you HAVE to take are all factual.
The things you HAVE to take are all factual.
What, you didn't have to take any "liberal arts" classes? That's sad, makes for a well-rounded individual. I really liked the arts classes, music was good too.

Now with History, well, "facts" and "generally agreed upon" can be nebulous things open to change, and not always right. It is a fact a document exists called the Constitution of the United States of America, you may be hard pressed to find what is "generally agreed upon" within all of it, there are many interpretations of huge swatches of it, continuing debate over what the Founding Fathers generally agreed upon the words meant, and the Supreme Court can say that just about everybody is wrong about what it means anyway. Yet we still teach about it.

And we haven't even scratched what various ethnic groups and "schools of thought" think about the facts of much of history as written.
And yet there is factual evidence supporting the Founding Fathers' lives and that they wrote the constitution. There is no factual evidence supporting that God exists or that he gave people messages to compile into a book. none.
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