A little sketch.

Just drew a picture and thought it was neat. One of my first using my new arm. Critique my style.

Picture of A little sketch.
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FaqMan9 years ago
Wikipedia is not always the best.
kelseymh FaqMan9 years ago
It's better than nothing. And please use the REPLY button so that your comments are associated with the thread to which they pertain.
. "kelseyize": an eponym derived from "Dr." Mike Kelsey. To enthrall a crowd by patiently attempting to explain something to one who obviously don't want to know.
That is so full of win.
Okay...so which of you is going to write the Wikipedia entry? ;->
. Someone with a name like FaqMan sounds perfect for the job.
Yes, in an ironical sort of way ;-)
FaqMan kelseymh9 years ago
Yes it is ironic that my name is faqman and that I do not know much facts. Truthfully I do know allot of facts but I see no purpose on using them among friends(supposent) on here. I will try harder though to apply this and to make sure that I will not make huge mistakes anymore. Also Nacho I would write it but I do not have a wiki account at this time.
. We're just kidding around. We all pick the wrong word occasionally or make a typo (eg, my "kelesyize" post - big grammar error). Relax, have a good time, and learn to laugh at yourself.
Your right i'll try to relax more. Thanks Nacho
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