A massive AD! Round 3

First AD attack: I was just surfing around on instructables until I came across this massive AD of macs! It there some kind of bug on the AD?

Second AD attack: I first thought I have been redirected to another web, but... Now instructables home page has the same layout as the AD it self! NORTON!

Third AD attack: Norton strikes again...

You can customize instructable header to your like to try eliminate the weird layout linked to the AD by following this forum. I hope this helps!

Picture of A massive AD! Round 3
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DJ Radio8 years ago
Ibles has let apple and norton advertise on their site like this so they can get more money to keep the price of pro accounts low.
tech-king8 years ago
i go away for a few months and the site goes to yellow hell......
Plasmana (author)  tech-king8 years ago
Same, that what caused me to leave instructables for a while, now it may happen again. There also have been so many changes on instructables, I don't like changes... :-(
changes scare ppl
Plasmana (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Big time to those who has Asperger..
I forgot what that was. Educate me.
AAAAAAAAAH!!! It's attach of the killer norton blobs! RUN FOR COVER, SAVE THE IBLES ROBOT!!!!
good point; we must protect the robot from nortons power-craving architecture.
Plasmana (author)  tech-king8 years ago
Yeah, I just hope they don't paint those freaking weird black circles on him... :-O
Derin Plasmana8 years ago
Oh an ethernet cable on the norton servers! *reads label* Label:Leads to Instructables Robot QUICK GET ME MY CRIMPERS
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