A moment of silence

Enough said.

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:/ I don't think you quite get what this topic is about...
Wow, thanks for bringing up this topic. Thank you very much.
i'm sorry, but posting stuff like that is not funny on topics like this.
well, look, that is a month old, i did it to reinforce the idea in the topic
I don't think there is need to beat you up further on this but I will try to explain why your comment could be considered rude and taken out of context much like it is inappropriate to laugh at a funeral or memorial service. A moment of silence is a show of respect. You need not "shush" or tell someone to be quiet in such a way that could be taken as sarcastic or over the top with all the exclamation marks. I worked a few blocks away from the World Trade Center and was in the last subway that passed under it after it was hit. I watched the towers fall and was fortunate to know none of my friends were hurt. Everyone still remembers that day. My pic below is a shot taken from my home as I see the beacons of light that they put up for the memorial every year. So, as you get worldly and grow up, you will find what is appropriate and when to say it. Think before you speak and listen to what others are saying first. You are finding out what people are sensitive to, including about yourself, and acting in the correct fashion, you will earn respect.
well, i never meant that as a joke, ill delete the comment
Thank you. Words are easily misunderstood. You are a better person to own up to a mistake. Thanks.
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