A new appreciation for the Instructables site

I have posted a couple of questions at another site where people can help each other with technical information. I got a response from a user with quite a large number of posts there. The response did not deal with the substance of my question, but was a hostile and sarcastic personal attack. I gave him three opportunities to respond to the substance of my inquiry, but each time there was another personal attack. So, before the third response I decided I would block his posts if the third response was another personal attack. It so happens he is a moderator and the site does not allow blocking him. So, I found a button that would allow me to report his post to the editorial board for the site. I had already checked the offensive person's profile and learned his personal first name. After reporting the offensive posts to the editorial board, which I assumed involved several people other than this moderator, I got a personal e-mail from someone with the same personal first name as the offensive poster. He said he had examined the posts of concern and found the moderator to be 100 percent free of fault. On the other hand, he found me to be offensive and argumentative. The tone of the message was exactly that in the personal attacks. I responded to the e-mail and said I noticed the personal name of both parties was exactly the same. I asked if he was exonerating himself. I just got a response in which he shamed me for trying to get him in trouble and threatened to ban me from the site. His comment about trying to get him in trouble does not even make sense unless he is the same person as the offensive moderator.

After this experience, I really appreciate the "be nice" policy at Instructables. I also appreciate that Instructables is not a "one-man shop" where the person who resolves a complaint might be the same person as the one involved in the complaint. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

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bethekind5 years ago
Wow, that's scary!
That someone in charge is the one sending out nasty messages!
I agree with Goodhart/Yoda as well....
Yoda's post on the bottom.
Phil B (author)  bethekind5 years ago
I am developing a theory about the fellow who is both moderator and nasty poster. As I mentioned, the name of his site is only a couple of characters different from another very similar site where things run much better. (For example, if the name of the legitimate site were broccoli-forums.com, his site is broccoliforum.com.) My theory is that he has some expertise in the area and once participated at the other site, but acted badly and got banned from the site. So, his large ego required him to set up a rival site with a similar name where he could be a big fish, even if in a much smaller pond. After he made the mistake of responding to one of my communications with his Yahoo account, which gave away his name and helped know know his first name was the same as the offensive poster; he switched to respond to me through a different e-mail account that did not identify his personal name.
Ninzerbean5 years ago
I'm a very argumentative person by nature, but for the last few years - since I post a lot of comments - I have tried to apply the 'be nice' policy to my personal life. I often think before speaking and pretend I am posting a comment on Instructables. I ask myself if I am being nice, if it wouldn't hurt to not prove I am right but just instead be nice. Very simple idea, like the one my mom told me - if you don't have anything nice to say about someone, then sit next to me. Just kidding, but really, I do try, harder than I used to.
I really was just being facecious...I am sorry.
I know! I just couldn't think up anything funny in response, I still can't. But it's not from lack of trying.
;-) I have a reply to myself then :

Nicer? You want to see nicer? Here, take this anvil from me and carry it over that that mud pile.... >:-D
That's good, I had been thinking on the lines of "this is my first fill-in-the-blank, please be nice to me"....
Are you trying to pick a fight ? Claiming to be nicer than I am LOL

PLEASE don't take offense....I really AM just kidding ;-)  I know you wouldn't.   
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