A new class of BattleBot Altoids BattleBot

A new class of BattleBot – Altoids BattleBot After watching BattleBots on youTube I thought there had to be an easy way of enjoying the same mindless destruction but on a scale that I can accommodate in my apartment. It would also have to be simple enough to build and wire up. The Altoids BattleBot Class. Take any Altoids tin and add to it a hard wire link from a controller to the BattleBot. The controller can be another Altoids tin with a couple of switches and the battery pack. Then add weapons to the unit that can comply to a maximum 300 gram weight limit (without hard wire and controller) with a size limit of no more than 30mm from the edge of the tin and an over all maximum height of 50mm. To prevent a fire hazard (I was thinking of adding a zippo lighter), no batteries that either power the unit itself or weapons are to be placed in the BattleBot. Ive got an idea of using a small solenoid to make a flipper of some sort that could turn an opponents Altoids BattleBot turtle. Any other ideas for weapons?

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kailar7564 years ago
try attaching a soldering iron it might pierce the armour, or better two soldering irons to balance it out. also you could but something like a forklift to simply lift it into the air and it would be defenceless or something to lift yourself into the air and render its attacks futile.
YOTube6 years ago
How would you turn it if it can only go forward and backwards? I am a beginner.
This is so awesome! I wonder if there is an instructable for making the controller you were talking about - wires, not RC. If so, could someone point me to it? 1000 Thanks!

I think I would add a saw blade of some sort. There's an instructable on making shurikens out of CDs, so maybe that would work. And what about a net gun? Maybe just a net attached to the front of the 'bot, swung around when the 'bot moves? Just throwing out ideas.
gnomedriver (author)  dungeon runner7 years ago

Try this one. Two of these units, one on each side of the bot, would give you forward and backwards and direction.

Im pleased you like the concept and because it is a simple idea it make it easy for someone without electronic skills to build.

Thanks for the direction! I'm currently building it. Rigging it up to the tin is gonna be a hell of a job, though. Not to mention trying to fit in weapons. Maybe I'll rig it on the outside. Gonna need some armor on that...

On another note: Me and some other robotic minded friends are going to have each of us build one and then have a tournament. Should be fun! Maybe someone should post a instructable that details the rules and regulations. Could be me, if I find the time.
The build is going well. The 'bot now moves. Starting to add weapons and build the controller. There are two rocker switches to control the motor and a momentary push-button to activate the sawblade (to avoid the gyroscopic affect, I've rigged it to go sideways). Now I just have to worry about finding a blank CD to slice up.

luke967 years ago
I did something like this. I used an RC car as the base and add weapons.
gnomedriver (author)  luke967 years ago
Have you got a photo to show us? Most RCs have got the speed to get out out the way and they should have a bit of power left over to carry weaponds.
Kryptonite7 years ago
Nails on ends of metal arms that swing down rapidly and stab anything in its path...
Xeropoint9 years ago
This looks like alot of fun, especially since I'm kind of roboticaly challenged. XD But one thing occurred to me: Flipping would really be the only easy way to win. I mean, Altoids tins provide quite a bit of armour. So it's gonna take VERY LONG to disable an opponent unless they are flipped. So my questions are: Does anyone have any suggestions for weapons that can break that kind of armour? And are there any other ways to eliminate opponents, other than the ways listed here?
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