A new direction for "Total Views Count" group.

So the original purpose of this group has been made obsolete by the rather cool new update HQ have released. A user's total views are now displayed around their avatar meaning we can see up to date information by visiting our profiles.

Now that there's no need to run a twice monthly script I was thinking that perhaps people would be interested in having their total views collected daily, then twice monthly I could release graphs for people tracking their daily increase. Similar to the /you/stats/ feature that HQ trialled briefly. I'd also be happy to continue giving patches for people reaching the views milestones we had for the group.

Anyone interested in that? Or does anyone have any bright ideas that the data now available on profile pages could be used for? It's pretty trivial to scrape the data with Perl, and at 1 page load per group member it's much quicker and easier than the current script (which loads thousands of pages).

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canucksgirl6 years ago
Does one have to join this group to get a patch for a particular milestone? or are they automatic?
At the pace I am moving, I need to be recognized for obtaining a feetstone :-)
LOL... Well don't feel too bad. I'm no where near any notable milestone. I just published my first instructables last month, so clearly I have a ways to go.

Perhaps 50,000 total views (at least for some of us) is a pipe dream. :(
Jayefuu (author)  canucksgirl6 years ago
The views rack up pretty quickly. To be run in the group you need to join the group. That theoretically means that you will get a patch from me when you reach a milestone. In practice, I often forget and just give them out in big batches every 2 or 3 months.
Well thank you for the reply. I wasn't sure if the patches were automatic, or if we had to join, but now I know.

Getting noticed (even if its late) is still better than not being noticed at all.

Thanks. :D
Jayefuu (author)  canucksgirl6 years ago
Ha ha. I'll have time to automate the patches next month, so they should go out automatically each time I run the script.
Thanks for the heads up... I might of replied earlier, but the "wallet making" furniture move on the website seemed to have been going on a long time...

The funny part is, I got so bored I made a paper wallet. (I know, how sad?) LOL
Tis ok, recently I tried to make a plushie from scratch and ended up with a mushy *sigh*
LOL.... It happens to the best of us, doesn't it?
Yeah, I had wanted to enter it as an Ible, but I can't get it to turn out right.....I can sew, but pattern making is not my forte`.
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