A novel lunar clock

The Large Hadron Collider is so big that tidal effects cause its beam paths to distort, as the machinery bends.


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iceng5 years ago
So, it must rally be hectic on a full planetary alignment !!
Over here on the US west coast there is an underground facilty about 
200 mi inland that has reactive problems with the Pacific ocean waves.

kelseymh iceng5 years ago
Is that LIGO? SLAC doesn't have the same sorts of alignment issues as the LHC.
iceng kelseymh5 years ago
Long time answering your previous query.

It is the LIDAR facility in Washington.
Which balances the two lasers in a vacuum with tune out notch at the
crystal return mirror resonant frequency and use the corrective drive as
the gravity signal information.

Speaking with my friend, the facility appears to have failed to confirm
Einstein's gravity waves from nearby orbiting dual suns or sun with
black hole.
kelseymh iceng5 years ago
Ah, now I understand. Yes, that is LIGO (the Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory). See my reply to you from my Orangeboard for details.
steveastrouk (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
Ha, Wait until the Big One before you say that.......
:-) SLAC had been built on what geologists thought was a single large formation of bedrock, specifically to avoid faults. The Loma Prieta (1989) earthquake revealed that a deep strike-slip fault underlay that formation. About 1/3 of the linear accelerator was offset from the rest by 3 mm following the quake.
steveastrouk (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
He, bet that put a dip in the output...

Kiteman5 years ago
pro2xy5 years ago
So amazing, must have been quite an experience when they first noticed it!
kelseymh pro2xy5 years ago
It was extremely confusing. The machine operators noticed, back in the 1990's (when the facility was called "LEP"), that there were periodic variations in how the magnets had to be configured to get good collisions.

At first, they thought the effect had to do with shift changes or even particular operators on duty (some accelerator folks like to twiddle knobs more than others :-). It was only after they had a couple of months of monitoring data that they noticed that the periodicity matched the tides.
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