A powerful EMP generator, to disable (temporarily) stereos in my neighbors house.

Hey guys, I'm trying to build a portable EMP generator, which will be powerful enough to knock out (temporarily) my neighbors stereo (if he plays it on loud at midnight again). My setup is as follows: 8 330v 160uF Capacitors wired up in series. 8 330v charging circuits for the capacitors with their outputs in series wired to the capacitors through a switch. The 8 capacitors are wired up to a coil through a switch. The coil is made from 6 gauge wire (or a 1/16" copper strip) that is coiled 5 times. I would really appreciate any feedback because this is a fairly large undertaking for me, and i'm kind of nervous at working with over 2000v of electricity. Does anyone know if you can discharge a cpapcitor by throwing it into a swimming pool???

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Kiteman1 year ago

Some general points for readers new to this topic:

● If an EMP affects one neighbour, it will affect all neighbours, left, right, up, down.

● There is no such thing as a temporary EMP. Fried electronics stay fried.

● The use of such devices are probably illegal in your country. In many countries, they will count as weapons, and their use might contravene your country's anti terrorism laws.

● In all cases, you must attempt civilised negotiation, law enforcement agencies and court orders before resorting to actual attacks on your neighbours.

iceng Kiteman1 year ago

Kiteman is correct 100%

Have you considered of moving under him get a discount on the rent first and set up a 1/2 hp vibrator screwed to the ceiling beams where he sleeps and get him to capitulate or move ((I know this worked))

The other is a very directional induction horn that induces hum to pink noise in his audio system run it on pi intervals.

mirakin iceng1 month ago

Better yet the guy likes to play music so loud get a large sub and pump low frequency into this guys room under his bed.

have his house xrayed periodicly.

You are evil. Are you sure you are not my downstairs neighbor? Are you messing with my wifi? Actually, I can hear the guy snore in the adjoining house.

Oriental walls are so very thin...

rkscott7.1 year ago

My Neighbors used to throw partys late into the night on weeknights sometimes. I took an ultrasonic frequency generator from mcm


Amplified through a 30 watt amp and midrange pa horn it at about 1700 hz and let it run till they went inside the pitch warbles and is extremely annoying it is marketed at much lower volume levels for teenage loitering control. If you already loosing sleep make him as misarable as you are pa horns are very directional and the high of a frequecy is also

Hey rkscott, I googled it. It is a small device I notice.. how does it work? What else do you need?

Just go get yourself an AM CB radio put a short piece if wire into antenna socket and key the mic (WARNING ONLY KEY MIC IN SHORT BURSTS AS THE SWR WILL BE WELL OUT) In some countries AM CB is ilegal

Tony: interesting... do you have a layout/set up? I need something like this. How does it works?

PhilippeV171 month ago

How far can you reach with an EMP generator? Are your devices safe if you disconnect everything from power? Can it affect cars and motorcycles even while not running? Your adivse please?

mirakin1 month ago

what you are asking for is illegal it is actually called active jamming. Call the police file a noise complaint...

Would be easier to discharge capacitor with a screwdrive lol it the current not the voltage kills you

A 4000 volt bug zapper transformer may be preferable to charge an even larger capacitor bank, or you can use a 6000v neon sign transformer. Check the ratings (or combined ratings) of all capacitors to ensure that they are up to the task. A reflective or parabolic dish or waveguide antenna may prove a good option so that the pulse can be directional instead of possibly interfering with innocent marks around you. Large metallic coffee cans may be suitable for this purpose pointing the open end at the designated target. The coil of wire should be completely within the coffee can, and should not be shorted or grounded to any part of the can (at least for starters). Be aware that if you end up frying the neighbor's stereo and they find out it was you, serious legal consequences may result. EMP generator circuits are best used way out in the country and for experimental/recreational purposes only. Be sure to test your device on a cheap walkman type stereo out in the country somewhere before you try this in your neighborhood.

robo103021 year ago

Or you can just call the police on them once and it will stop forever.

yea cause that works

CyndyT14 months ago

I saw a device on Gizmag.com that could disrupt drones with a electromagnetic blast of energy. That might work with what you have in mind or could be modified in order to disrupt a stereo system. Good luck.


By "high power electromagnetic blast" they mean that they send a lot of radio "noise" at the drone so it can't receive control information from the controller or gps information from satellites. Without any means of safe navigation, it will automatically land. It's very clever, but not quite as "DESTRUCTIVE" and "dangerous" as they would have you believe.

thematthatter3 months ago

Ive been reading this for like 9 years now. Solutions range from everything from EMPs to Electronic warfare, to Xrays.

What ever happened to just knocking on his door and asking him to turn his stereo down? You dont have to get the police or FCC involved.

And for future reference, if someone is playing their music loud at midnight, they are probably having loud sex.

KaseyK311 months ago

A small animal in the pool would help it to discharge.

oxygen saturated inert fluid.

Could you please explain what that means?

(Not to sound stupid, but I don't know about liquids or gasses)

It's a substance that allows animals to breath a liquid. Google is your friend.



GuyT134 months ago

My e-mail is carlos_castrillo@hotmail.com

Let me know when you're ready to TEST that puppy.

kvp701 year ago

I get very concerned when someone asks a naïve question such as "Does anyone know if you can discharge a cpapcitor [sic] by throwing it into a swimming pool???" because it shows that the person has no clue about basic electricity, and therefore should not be playing around with it. This kid will probably seriously injure or kill himself or someone near him. Now, having said that, I will comment about the intended project. First off, it requires a HUGE amount of radio frequency power to cause damage to electronic equipment at a distance of more than a few feet. So, unless you want to be standing right next to your neighbor's window or non-metal door, forget about trying to make an EMP generator to damage your neighbor's audio equipment. And just as others have said here, the effect is not temporary. A shorted transistor will stay shorted forever!

A better idea which MAY work, but is much safer than a homemade EMP generator is a jammer. It is actually fairly easy to make a device that generates electrical noise that will drive your neighbor crazy, to the point where he will want to turn down the volume. A simple explanation is to build a Tesla Coil, and hook a long wire to one of the terminals of the spark gap and stretch the wire as close to your neighbor's audio equipment as possible. If it works, the horrible static sound will be just too horrible to listen to. Keep in mind that transmitting intentional interference is very much illegal here in the U.S., and probably in every other country. Also keep in mind that you will not only interfere with that particular neighbor, but with every other neighbor within a fairly wide radius (possibly as much as 1/4 mile, depending on many variables).

The BEST way to handle your unfortunate situation is to call your noisy neighbor when he is sober and ask him to keep the volume down during the evening hours when most people are trying to sleep. If that doesn't work, then call the police. That's what they get paid to do.

Good luck.

LuisG135 kvp705 months ago

That's not being naïve, that's being ignorant. Naïve would be believing it without asking questions, they obviously don't want to remain ignorant so they are asking questions. That's a GOOD thing.

But these days most "useless" questions and discussions in forums and message boards can be avoided by being able to put the question into a search engine like Duckduckgo or Google.

KeronB9 months ago

can anybody send me a link where I can buy an emp from I need one please music is soooooo loud

KrishnaR20 KeronB5 months ago


Kiteman KeronB9 months ago

Please read the various comments about the law.

If you blast him with an EMP, you are breaking the law, and potentially endangering lives (what if somebody nearby has a pacemaker or insulin pump? Or you zap a passing ambulance?).

If there is a genuine problem that cannot be solved by talking to your neighbour, your best recourse is to contact your local authorities (which specific authorities depends on your local laws).

Rob0224893 years ago
I NEED HELP. I have a difficult situation. I have a child and a wife, and i just quit my prior job for another one due to pay issues. The guy owes me 700$ and I dont really want to go to jail, or have to resort to anything physical. I know this is wrong, and immature even, but i cant clear it out of my mind that he will not pay me what is owed. Ive chosen a different route. Is it possible to harness enough power from a homemade emp gun to take out a vehicle point blank range? Is the capacitor from a camera large enough? or should I use an older tv one? Battery? Please Help.

washing machines have capacitors too. charge them at your own risk while your in another room, do not handle them when charged.put one straight in the mains it explodes after about 10 seconds dependant on rating.( trimmer capacitors are added to reduce electromagnetic pollution)

安陳 Rob02248911 months ago

try stuffing a cloth soaked w/ pet jelly inside the hatch... technically no damage but will cause a huge hassle

mathewwhyburd10 months ago

yes it will discharge.faster in salt water

AndyPipkin4 years ago
Use an SSB (Single Side Band) CB radio, you can ask him to turn it down when you key the mic, that's what I used to do.

Andy, you nailed it. When I was a kid sitting in the living room listening to my Dad's stereo, the neighborhood toughs would get on their daddies' CB radios and talk for hours about girl stuff using handles like "Hot Lips" and "Blonde". When they took over the airways, my interest in Bach and the Public Broadcasting System turned to the local broads casting... ...but I digress. I meant to highlight the effectiveness of the SSB CB radio, and they weren't using a linear amp, just a Cobra SSB 23 channel and a magnetic mount whip antenna. :-)


I love your solution. can I also broad cast a really nasty noise.
Can the guy in the thumper hear your voice over or through his thumping sterio.
If so can you give me a little help on where to get one. and can I add a linier amp to it to boost the power? Is there a yagy or other type directional antenna that would make the power directional and more focused.
will all my neighbors also hear it in their tv?

Gene Walters
belangers1 year ago

high voltage dc will discharge by electrolysis in water slowly. it will stiffen the emp and it would no longer happen. the emp would have to be continuous through an arc gap with very high power, using massive amounts of electricity to go long distances to affect somebody elses electricity and is highly illegal in our country if a radio wave or electronic broadcast of any signal isn't licensed. It's not quite legal for them to play their loud signal after specific times, so, it would be better off calling authorities instead of creating an emp. the emp can damage devices, in fact, most likely will damage your own electronic devices and cause harm to your self if strong enough. I'd be careful because it may cause x rays or microwaves if it is as strong as you wish to make it. EMP mods can easily be made from backwardly wired sonic purifiers. Look it up online to see what others offer for open source results, but, don't get caught , they may eventually figure out who's doing it by online posts because they aren't easy to build to amplify to operate in long distances, so, it wouldn't be long to figure out who's been searching for this online from your area and it would be evidence enough for a warrant to search , sieze and arrest you.

I think that Xrays are only emitted when detonated in space, but you where right on the microwaves part

dbiswas61 year ago

Can ypu please tell me how did you make the CHARGING CIRCUITS for the caps???

read kitemans comment you don't want to build this

Keep in mind that doing this is totally illegal, you will fry your own electronics if you successfully build it, and could potentially kill anyone who has a pacemaker that's drinking nearby. I can think of much better ways to get this problem solved.

pcassembly1 year ago

ummm lets think about this aye? this emf is not directional, but unidirectional, so fry your neighbours is fry yourself. there is no temporary interruption a fryed circuit is a fryed circuit ,

EightyS1 year ago

I can tell you with absolute certainty the following three things;

First, You'll need quite a bit of power to fry electronics via EMP from a distance that doesn't make you look like you're frying electronics via EMP.

Second, this method is, in all likelihood, very illegal for so many reasons. Fun, but illegal.

Third, Calling the police results in... very weak results, and bad neighbor relationships.

And as a bonus, Fourth;

Firing an arrow through a window into a TV or sound stystem or... well, anything, will immediately solve your problem.

zenme21 year ago

to every one who doesn't know even the basics. so you do manage to make something and then blow all your own electronics,may even electrocute yourself or start a fire.Then you will blame instructables

It is no problem to make an "EMP generator" from a disposable camera flashlight circuit.

Simply replace the flash with a induction coil of suitable dimensions and you can interupt or even damage small electronics at close range - talking 2-5cm at most.

Building a real EMP device is no real problem for anyone with basic electronics knowledge.

The problems, apart from being highly illegal, are:

a) Parts - you would need broad range EM burst, just the storage capacitors for a device reaching a few meters will cost you an arm and a leg.

b) Powering it - If an EMP is supposed to do more than disturb a calculator at close range you need more or less insane power levels.

c) If you actually somehow manage to build one that works you will most likely fry your own electronics more often than anything else.

And yes a temporary EMP is quite possible, it all depends on the levels of power.

What gives you weird numbers on a calculator will, at the right power levels destroy every electronic circuit within range.

Take an old lawn mover and remove the capacitor on the ignition system, as a result you will have radio interference that is noticable for up to 500m - a low power, no-directed EMP field.

People might think it is fun to build such a device, the ones that don't might only want one for revenge reasons - the best is to stay away from even attempting to build one.

Imagine it works and all you get in return is a prison sentence...

amohsen51 year ago

please help me....I want to make mini emp gun to disable a small calculator .... but i want the exact value of B (magnetic flux ) and capacitance and voltage and the other calculations to damage it .... any help please..

samjoseph3 years ago
capacitors get less powerful when you wire them in series, more powerful in parallel. if you put 8 160 uF caps in series you end up with 20uF of capacitance, if you add them in parallel you end up with 1280uF of capacitance.
That's not technically correct. Capacitors hold exactly the same amount of power whether you wire them in series or parallel. Its just that the capacitance increases in parallel, and the voltage increases in series.

You are correct, sir.

please send my diagram or photos please and parts detail

brijeshoo72 years ago

hey..plz give me some photos & give specification of parts you use.....


DragonDon2 years ago
Or just call the local police to enforce the law.....
yveg3 years ago
I would like to have a very small emp device. I am willing to pay for all the expenses.
Please let me know if someone can help.
ninaj3 years ago
wow! usually, in my residual zone, there is no one other than myself who is searching to cease and destroy the sound waves of torture and pain that I have lived with for over a decade and a half. although I see now that others are affected from this also, still, it does not bring any ease to the pain and torture that I endure for hours at a time (very often) due. I am ignorant to the type of mental stability a person has who conducts themselves this way. I so need a solution to this problem.
neivadan3 years ago
just make a a magnetic flux generator to permently blow em wave as a secondary option in which its positive and negative forces clashed together to make a flat out atomic boom well without harmful radiation or whatever or better yet contact the police for sound pollution
Yep that will discharge a cap so will a high ohm resistor 150 meg ohm and up.
abajerski4 years ago
I do not take responsibility
for any damage or harm, bodily or otherwise to any persons or devices/ objects, due to the use of the information provided here.

RF interference device,
Step one obtain twenty feet of insulated copper wire.
Step 2 obtain a gas powered lawn mower. (of course any gas powered motor will work)
Step 3 remove the protective boot from the spark plug wire
Step 4 remove insulation from about two inches of the copper wire and wrap that end around the exposed plug.
Step 5 stretch the copper wire out
Step 6 start engine
This will produce high levels of RF noise which most radio devices cannot ignore. For an added kick, wrap the wire around a copper (or other metal tube, copper works best) in a very tight coil, this will produce a very limited EM field which will render any digital device that is turned on or has power running to it useless with in ten feet.
I like this but mowing the lawn at midnight.
JhonCo3 years ago
Why not try utilizing a magnetron from a microwave, if modified and sufficiently amplified the electromagnetic signals could well disable the electronics. think of a lightbulb in a microwave or foil in a microwave, if you could significantly amplify the waves then....
tmihai6 years ago
I thought of this also if you are still interested lets talk and see how we can put something useful together. I was also thinking that it may not be necessary to fry the electronics but introducing sufficient noise so that the target will stop the equipment by it's self might also work.
let me know what u came up with on your emp device. i have 5 different schematics for different types and the one i want to make is smaller i know the resistor value the transformer but not the 4 capacitor values. i made 2 already and i dont know if i made them right i dont even have a flouresent bulb to test them on. we could probably figure this one out together.
If I can help you I'll do it.
thank you soo much i will reply everything i know and some pics later and maybe you can help me figure out what im doing wrong. have a great day. my email is realone414@gmail.com if i dont respond immediately. once again thanks alot for your time
 Lmao what is with people bringing up 2 year old topics? And btw this isn't happening anytime soon.
what do you mean this isnt happening anytime soon? i have full schematics for a emp device strong enough to stop a vehicle within 20ft of it and can build for about $275. you can buy a smaller device for $330 from that slotmachine website.

Curiosity and needs :)
Azn Hitman8 years ago
sounds really cool. to bad you cant fit it in your pocket.
I once built a little "fuzzer"; a small pocket sized random RF emitter, and carried it about at a few Ham Fests, and occasionally turned it on for a few seconds now and then to see what kind of reaction I could get. Most of the time the interference was kind of ignored anyway LOL
i bought a tiny rf scrambler for $6 at american science and surplus it actually works great. when turned on nothing that is controlled with a rf will not respond to anything.
The one I built only created some AM static mostly.
theoldguy4 years ago
You can purchase plans for an emp generator here: http://www.amazing1.com/emp.htm
Or they will also sell you a complete unit weighing 205Kg. Its 2.5 meters long and reasonably priced at only $32,000. That may do the job.

A little bit of history and nostalgia.
Before the mid 1970's radios and heaters on cars were optional extras and if you decided to install an aftermarket radio you needed to also suppress the interference from the spark plug leads and the alternator.

Instead of destroying everything electronic in your units consider this:
You can either, park your car on the 5th floor of your unit block and replace the suppressed carbon leads with solid copper ones, or if that is inconvenient, you could take the suppressing capacitor out of a small electric tool like a sander. When its turned on the stereo will have so much interference it will useless and he will tun it off. And nothing has been destroyed.
techno guy5 years ago
Throw the capacitors into a large bowl of water.
Betelgeus35 years ago
The only way this would ever work is either

A) Your generator is within 2 feet of the stereo


B) Their stereo is made of superconductive material.

Ignoring the ethical problems with this, you've got to understand what exactly an EMP does to sensitive electronics. Magnetic fields generate a current in anything that is conductive and within their range. With a field strong enough and a circuit sensitive enough, the current will short the circuit and burn out the components. Now, to do this, you need to apply enough current to the wire to short the circuitry, and this current needs to travel through AIR. (very good insulator). Like some have said, lightning storms can short out electronics, but your radio doesn't fry every time a storm blows over. And that is a lot more energy than anyone can generate. Frankly, it's just not possible without using illegal voltages. Good luck though.
Anathema136 years ago
You can EXPLODE a capacitor by throwing it into a swimming pool. Why not save $$ and discharge it properly...through a LOAD, like a big sand-filled resistor? You really don't want to explode that cap - if its a big one, it may have PCB's in it - so then the pool is contaminated. How did you come up with the wire gauges and values in your design? Hate to tell you, but the collapsing field (EMP) from a 2000V source isn't going to do much. Check out this web site - they sell plans and devices, and their science is reliable: http://www.amazing1.com/emp.htm Sopunds like you could do better by generating EMI every time they bother you with the stereo...better known as "HERF".
junits156 years ago
hey kinda like ironman!
westfw8 years ago
  • EMP is overblown by the media
  • EMP-damaged electronics are damaged forever, not "temporarily." You're talking about blasting away the junctions in the semiconductors.
  • radios and other "audio" equipment might be less sensitive to EMP than other expensive electronics devices like your computer.
  • Your proposed circuit is extremely wimpy by EMP standards. Consider how much energy is in a lightning strike, and how seldom those knock out peoples' stereos (ok, you'd be closer than the average lightening strike...)
  • You are certainly correct to be nervous. IMO, your circuit would be much more likely to damage YOU than silence your neighbor's stereo...
Patrik westfw8 years ago
Yeah, what he said.

If you want to take more sophisticated approach, you could try beaming your neighbor a strong radio signal, modulated with a specific audio signal. Unless his stereo is really well shielded, you may be able to find some resonant frequency that will get through, even if he's just listening to a CD. Sweep the radio frequency until you hear the audio signal from his stereo, then crank it up. You could even mess with his head, and talk to your neighbor through his own speakers!

The same thing can be done through the power lines, by the way. I remember the electrical motor of our neighbor's high powered drill was starting to fail, and we could pick up the resulting sparks over our stereo system very clearly.

Needless to say, with a well-shielded stereo system and well-conditioned power lines, you would have to send a *lot* of power at your neighbor's stereo before he starts to notice anything - possibly enough to attract the attention of the FCC or local power company.

A sound-based system like in the xkcd strip below would be far easier and more effective. Unfortunately, it's not going to blow his speakers, but at least you can give your neighbor a dose of his own medicine!
Kipusit Patrik6 years ago
sorry, meant to ask - could you not get one of those 'universal' remote controls and amplify the signal? I have used one on a stereo before using a periscope to direct the beam.
Kipusit Patrik6 years ago
I'm liking the xkcd strip - no harm can be done to anyone/anything as far as I can see-? Can you direct me to any more info on this? Bit of a radio dunce.
creid6 years ago
This is a nutty idea .. First of all if you manage to send an emp pulse strong enough to blow their stereo.. you're going to fry every bit of electronics in your house.. Secondly it takes MASSIVE amounts of power to generate an emp burst that does anything. Consider this analogy - take a huge firecracker.. put it in a bottle.. you get a killer, damaging explosion! But toss it in your living room floor? You get a pop not a destroyed house.. You could try to direct it with a microwaves electronics.. i wouldnt wanna be there when you tried it. You could also control the time cycle. Rather than x energy over 1 second... 1000x energy over a microsecond.. you're trying to overwhelm the electronics with a surge. Lastly: if this actually worked you would ruin most of the electornics your neighbors own. You might as well walk in their yard and firebomb their car. Its irresponsible, childish, punk, and immoral. Be adult and try calling the cops instead.
Brockman5126 years ago
Will this work on the deep base, boom boom cars that drive by my house at all hours ratteling my teeth? Ooooohhhh! Yes, yes, yes I'm interested!!!
Wouldn't this be illegal? Also, this would knock out YOUR electronics, too. EMP does not just go in a straight line like the grenade mentioned below; it goes out in a 360 degree spread. So any cars and stuff like that would be screwed.
110100101107 years ago
i'd try to somehow inject my music to their stereo thru the electric grid

montmorency7 years ago
um...i have a suggestion, but its not completely legal, why don't you just use a gernade? lol, just kidding.
btw, does it actually work?
Patrik8 years ago
You could try this:

i sooo have to build one. id need to convert the audio to pulses, shift the phase a bit and blast it. hey!!! i could produce anti-noise by shifting the phase 180 degrees coudnt i?
In theory, yes - that's how noise canceling headphones work!

In practice, the sound waves from your "anti-noise" generator will form an interference pattern with the sound waves coming from the "noise" generator, so depending on the frequency, the sound will be canceled in some areas and doubled in others. That's why noise cancellation works best when your anti-noise generator is close to your ear (headphones), and for low frequencies (larger interference pattern).

Sadly, unless you can tightly focus significantly more sound power on your neighbors' stereo than it's are already putting out by itself, you're not going to be able to blow his speakers with this.

Now, if you were to cover the entire wall adjoining your neighbor with a phased array of bass speakers, then we're in business!
so the sound would alternate between nothing and really loud? thats even better.
No - you'd get different frequencies of the sound, depending on where you stand in the room. Or at least, that would be the idealized case: two point sources, no reflections anywhere. Once you include reflections off the walls, furniture, ceiling, etc, on average it would simply come across as *louder*.
so it would be louder, but distorted? or would it be more or less random noise, but louder than originally?
Patrik would it be louder because of an echo, causing it to sound doubly loud? I love stuff like resonance.
Sound is a wave. When you add together two waves which are in sync, you get one with double the amplitude. When you add two waves which are out of sync, they cancel each other out.

As usual, Wikipedia has a fairly decent page on interference.
Labot20018 years ago
Why would you want to knock out the neighbor's stereo?

They don't play... *gasp* - rap, do they??
beado4ever8 years ago
I would have thought that an easier way to disable electrical circuits in someone's house would be to switch off the mains electricity? Fuse box accessible?
Goodhart8 years ago
discharging a cap in a swimming pool should have the same effect as using a screwdriver (maybe slower), as it will short directly across the leads.
ll.13 Goodhart8 years ago
...Only thing is, you've got to fish it out of the pool, (and it'll be wet)
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