A question for/about Vegans...

In Belsey's fabulous ible Vegan Egg, it's states that "Vegans won't eat or use animal products..."

Which begs the question:  Is it unethical, or unprincipled for a Vegan to drive (or ride in) any vehicle that consumes gasoline or deisel? 

Afterall, fuel is an animal by-product.

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Wow... Ummmm... Well fuel is 'old dinosaurs' right? I don't know.

Abigaill5 years ago
There 're too many animal by-products around us. it's hard for vegans to avoid, even if they don't like.
bajablue (author)  Abigaill5 years ago
You make an excellent point Abigaill. The only thing a vegan can really control is what they choose to eat.
bajablue (author) 5 years ago
Now I'm wondering about pigskin/cowskin... actually Footballs to be more exact.

I understand the small footballs for kids are rubber, but collegiate and professional balls are made of cows hide.

Tony Gonzalez of the Falcons is a self-professed Vegan, but really in name only as far as I can see.   He's like the married guy (in name only) who won't wear a wedding ring for fear of missing an opportunity.

If Gonzalez doesn't adhere to Vegan principles, he should just call himself a I-Don't-Eat-Meat-But-I-Play-With-Skin guy.

If I was a devout Vegan, I'd pay some REALLY-GIGANTIC-nefarious-type-carnivorous-person(s) to tar and fake-feather Gonzalez.

To that end, I'm pretty sure tar is acceptable.

Wouldn't that be a fun Utube video?

I have to say I don't get all this no true scotsman stuff. Different people have different places of drawing the line as to how much due diligence they can/will do to ensure they are not using any animal products. Add in problems of definition and pretty soon you could get vegans who won't eat any food that has glucose on the grounds that it COULD be from an animal. Doesn't seem very reasonable to start berating people for not being good enough vegans because they use hydrocarbons and sometimes toss a football around.
bajablue (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago
hmmm... I think the big guy could take a little light-hearted fun-poking... lol...IF he cared. ;-)

Are you a Vegan, Lithium Rain?
Nope, not even a vegetarian.
bajablue (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago
Well darn. I was really hoping a few Vegans would weigh in... unless they're too serious to appreciate the innocuous, light-hearted banter.
Believe me, I have had enough run-ins with militant vegans to know how fanatical some can get.....when you get accused of being a murderer and life hater; well you get the picture.
bajablue (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Wow. I've never had the displeasure, Goodhart. I would definitely consider such individuals "too serious..." for this discourse.

I also get the impression that some members feel this discussion has somehow breached hallowed ground. ;-/
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