A question on instructables....

I was wondering, an instructable can be how to do or learn pretty much anything, right ? It doesn't necessarily need to be about building something concrete?

I was watching one of the videos I have a fondness for (because

of my involvement with "the subject") and thought of something I might be able to put together for my first instructable, before my wife gets around to cleaning her junk away from my work area.

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Goodhart (author) 9 years ago
It's getting there....a few more and the "text" will be finished. Then I will have to make an attempt at shooting some video.....drat, that means getting myself "presentable" LOL
Goodhart (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Woo Hoo, All I need do is a little more clean up of the text (I have it written up online now, just not published yet), and the video's and stills and I am finished....Gotta go, the wife is grousing around that she hasn't seen me most of the day ;-)
beado4ever9 years ago
How would you sign "I've just crushed both my hands whilst trying to lift my HUGE k'nex creation"? Though i guess it would be a little unnecessary if you could just hold your hands up and show them.....
Goodhart (author)  beado4ever9 years ago
How would you sign "I've just crushed both my hands whilst trying to lift my HUGE k'nex creation"?

By making that "ouch that hurts like someone crushed my hands" look on you face LOL The hands are important, protect at all cost or you can't sign :-)
Kiteman9 years ago
This site is "The World's Biggest Show and Tell" - of course you can show us how to tell it in sign language.

Maybe a few phrases that would be useful to Instructablers?

  • "Is it supposed to do that?"
  • "Do you have a spare Altoids tin?"
  • "Run!"
  • "Excuse me, but I seem to have burned a hole through my hand with a soldering iron. Which way is the nearest emergency unit?"
  • "Oh dear, my LED array appears to have overheated and caused a conflagration within my shed. Can you tell me where the nearest fire extinguisher is? Please remember, it must not be water-based because of the exposed electrical equipment I have in there, not to mention certain exotic substances that do not react well to water. Yes, I do realise the smoke smells rather interesting, but that would be the remains of my hydroponics project, totally unrelated to the overheating LEDs, I assure you."
  • "Pardon me, can you pass me a bowl of warm soapy water? I seem to have accidentally superglued both hands to my buttocks. Please don't look so alarmed. Why are you backing off like that? You could at least dial 911 for me ... thankyou ... no, I mean for the ambulance!"
Maybe other readers could request phrases they would find useful?
"I just superglued my lips together for $50. Can you call an ambulance?"
"got wood" "ahah my latest rocket powered device is indeed fast, could you please remove my legs from the wreckage and phone for an ambulance" "excuse me sir/maam I appear to have caught fire, is this carpet flame retardant?" "Oh dear my recent experimentations on hydroponics have left me confused, they went on fire you see. No thankyou I would not appreciate your seemingly giant hand on my face" "Is that fire coming from my pocket or my belt?" "I see and how long may it take for the burning sensation to die down?" "should it burn when I think?"
Goodhart (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Hmm, well let me think about this some more......this may not be so practical then.
i can think of more normal ones but the price is that you must include got wood! How bout the basics, or even just teaching the basic alphabet and how to put it together right, I only remember the vowels and a couple of consonants...
Goodhart (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Yes, starting with the alphabet is pretty much the best way to get one's "feet wet" as it were :-) I have to carve out a little time to do the pics / video but in the mean time, I am writing things up to eventually get them organized.
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