A qustion about "FEATURED" articles.

I am here from 6 months, I love how instructables works, very friendly community :)
I read some articles about "how to make a good articles?" and I follow the rules, to improve my articles, but that's doesn't work !

I noticed three things:
  • some articles will have over 10,000 view in one day, while others can't have this number with a year, and it's not about the subject or how good was that article!
  • I was reading about contest rules, I think it's not fair to feature some articles and let others suffer without viewers. right?!
  • Last thing, some people have 90% featured articles, and sometimes over 100 articles, & it's not clear enough to be featured.

I think there is something tricky here :P

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I wrote up a guide to help with titles and keywords if you're interested! Doing those two things right definitely help bring in the views. :)


P.S. Don't get discouraged when it comes to featuring and views! It's always hit and miss around here. I have loads of projects with really low views, even though I've got 46 million views overall. Sometimes projects just don't take off and that's okay! Maybe the next project will. :)

Jessy, I have seen your guide before and gone through it now also... you are a genious..

Ha, thanks! :D

That is always disappointing, but at least you spent the time doing something you enjoy. :)

antoniraj2 years ago

it is about the subject as well how good the article is... My first instructable "Mini Bio-gas plant using food waste, Decomposable organic material and kitchen waste" which was posted on Sep 26, 2012, still gets almost 1000 views per day and more than 1200 comments on it. One of my instructable which was not even featured has 170,729 views as on today (30 July 2015). you can see the instructable here...


That just shows that the staff here missed the value of your Ible ;)
But also that some are well linked in the search engines and on othr websites.
Sometimes it is enough to have the link posted in a good forum with lots of visitors or a blog to get attention.
In any case a job well done!

thank you Downunder35m...

There's nothing tricky to it, sure there's a formula, starts with great photos and documentation, clear instructions and personally, I think keeping it entertaining tends to help.

It's not fair to feature contest entries? I had to delve in to my old instructables, 2008 - I won a contest with an unfeatured instructable. It can be done.

The viewership, especially a lasting viewership depends a lot more on outside sources pointing to your instructable (not from a web ranking or otherwise way, in fact a lot of instructables appear in the first few google results) which helps but more importantly, whether people are actively looking for something like it, which incidentally is why people will be linking to it.

Some things will permanently give good views, if you're the man with the best answer to a common question. Others are short lived, when everyone got excited over this guys photos of facebook albums I reversed engineered the technique and Petapixel republished it, between the two articles the viewership was big but short lived because people and blogs move on to the next cool thing pretty fast.

Aside from how good the project is, getting something featured depends on the day, time of day, and the community manager

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