Knex AUG A3 (Internal pics)

Behold, my BEAUTY! I decided to take like an hour and finish the front end. I rushed through it so it doesn't look as good as it should be. Everything works, although the power behind it was weakened only shooting UP TO 20FT. I mean, its a decent looking gun, but I think I could of done way better on the looks. I wanted to build something else at the moment, so I didn't finish the other wall layer, I only have connectors holding the walls together. So its only 6 layers think. The magazine only wants to hold 7 grey connectors at the moment.
Our family camera, the one I've been using for Instructables is officially broken, so Im stuck using my phone. I'd like to get your opinion on the quality compared to the camera.

Internal pictures have arrived!

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myOmy2 years ago

I'm glad you finished this - it looks sweet!

BEAST! BEAST BEAST BEAST! Lets go boy! Like, not gonna lie, this is pretty hype! #richpeopleswag LOL

knexguy2372 years ago

This thing looks pretty cool. I like it!

Dude, I have been disengaged from the K'NEX community for at least a month now, but this gun totally makes me want to get back into the game, if you want to give me good internal pics of this start, I would be glad to finish it for you, if only for the sake of me redeeming my past Bullpup fails. What do you say, will you do a brother a favor and give me some internals?

I um...wouldnt mind some internals as well. I too need some motivation.

+1, same here bro, I've built a couple guns over the past few months, but nothing up to my standards... I've got a IMR started, but it looks pretty bad, and I'm not sure where to go with it... Break it? Revamp it? Mod it? IDK.

myOmy2 years ago

Ahhh so this is what your profile pic is.

Gun looks really nice. I personally like the look of the handle but I guess that's just me :P. The stock of it is really nicely shaped and kinda has a gentle curve to it. Heck I might as well say it's all good because it is. lol

What is that? Your homework? XD

And why did you include a pic of your hairy leg? (for bragging rights I assume) :P just messin around.

And PS I am actually assuming it is for size comparison.

Sexiest hairy leg contest is now a go.

Nice gun so far. I've always wanted to try an AUG, 'cause they're sexy, never gotten to it. The stock on yours looks fantastic.

I will submit a picture, what is the prize going to be? I wonder how weird this will get. Are you gonna enter in Mike? Personally since it's no shave-November, I think some of the ladies might win over some of the guys that haven't went through puberty yet. XD I'm so weird. :P

You can bet your cut butt I'm going to enter! I'll get a pic tomorrow/later today, 'cause midnight and all that.

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