A short video on the subject of Asperger's

Just a bit about the syndrome and that appearances may be deceptive

Sorry, I had meant for this to publish in the Asperger's group....

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Goodhart (author) 7 years ago
Sorry, because is it owned by someone else, I can't copy it anywhere. 
Try this:   http://www.foxsearchlight.com/adam/  

Or here: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810062504/trailer 
DebH578 years ago
This is very interesting Goodhart, I didn't even know this condition existed, thanks for the info!
Goodhart (author)  DebH578 years ago
You're welcome.

I really HOPE the following movie comes into my area (it is being released on a limited basis).

If you view this, when you get to the section where he says to her: I can see that you're upset but I don't know what to do - that is a CLASSIC Asperger's symptom. Because her FIRST reply doesn't TELL Adam what to do, and so he answers the question she asks; matter-of-factly, with a yes, when in actuality, she was hinting that she wanted him to hug her. He doesn't get it until she makes the statement plain, without social cue hinting.

DebH57 Goodhart8 years ago
I would be interested in seeing it too, I appreciate the info
Goodhart (author)  DebH577 years ago
I have seen the movie, and although a few others I know of that have also, did not like the ending,  in a way, it IS a happy ending, just not what most people associate with a happy ending.   I thought it was REALLY good and accurate. (not that I am like this now, but a lot of it was in my youth...).
I have also heard people with aspergers syndrome have odd diets, is this true?
lots of us have very plain diets, we seem to suffer heaps from all kinds of allergies, including food. For me, food is very plain, never add pepper salt, not into fancy sources either. Yet I worked as supervisor in a cannery, as well as Jam, we did fancy soups, my mouth still waters, and so called Army Meals, thats meat meals, but most of the fat removed, so they could be eaten cold. Those days, they were packed into baby food sized cans, and thats what we called them, when producing for the NZ Army. Today its retort pouches, meaning a flexible foil bag sterilised in the same way as a can. So I suppose for Aspies, eating is the least important thing of life, therefore, seeing plain food is easiest, so be it, and lets get back to work. Sorry for missing seeing your question. Try Goodhart's microwave potato too.
Goodhart (author)  Lateral Thinker8 years ago
This appears to be another deviation from the norm for me (or maybe it is learned behavior), but I enjoy a wide variety of foods, from super hot Mexican, to Japanese Sashimi, and have very few allergies, food-wise (I suffered the worst case of Pollen allergies, in my youth, but that seems to have been largely outgrown also).
Its still a Aspie norm, but you are at the other extreme. But that pollen allergy you mention, might have triggered a defence mechanism for you. Don't, repeat, DON'T let your wife see this, otherwise she will sell your body to science, for reverse engineering.
Goodhart (author)  Lateral Thinker8 years ago
Well, she already knows I have an immune system that just doesn't seem to quit :-) This year, because the insurance companies require it, I will be getting my first flu shot; and I have only had the flu once in the past. So who knows, they may come looking to make antibody solutions from my blood one day ;-)
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