A suggestion:

Hey, I was wondering if you could bring back more formatting for us non pro users.
Bulleting would be really nice, and make me make better 'ibles. As a long time member and contributer, since September '06, racking in 65,000+ views, I feel that I had earned those features, and having them taken away is kind of a let down...

Don't get me wrong, I do not want to sound ungrateful, instructables is one of my favorite websites, perhaps you could add a few other features instead of taking others away?

For example:
A new features feed, alongside featured and popular, PRO activity. A quick glance at the recent feed shows that they are less common than featured... I'd pay for some extra publicity!

Higher quality resolution images uploads

Stock images: Pictures of common items maybe? Would save you some bandwidth as well. I'm thinking tea kettles, pots, pans, soldering irons, sewing needles, etc. Pro members could submit their own photos(, and if they pass through moderation,) every say, 10 images nets them another patch to give out! This makes it easier to make instructables, eliminating alot of the materials step potentially, and letting users access good, clear images with greater ease.

These are just a few ideas, and replacing the standard features to the every day member.

One more thing, God forbid, you take these ideas while retaining the standard features: I may just quit :P

All in all, I am an instructables lover, just these new changes are slightly irksome.

-- Jeremy

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SFHandyman8 years ago
I agree about the removal of the formatting. That just doesn't make any sense at all to me.

I've had 350,000+ views for my Instructables. One of my Instructables from a couple of years ago just got another mention in Lifehacker and racked up 4,500 more views in a couple of days. I wouldn't be able to make that Instructable today. 

I understand the need to keep the site profitable and would hate to see it go away but to tie the hands of someone like me, who has created one of the highest rated Instructables, and one that topped one of the holiday lists this year, just doesn't make sense.

I'd be paying to make my Instructables more attractive to get hits. I don't need hits, I just want to share the knowledge. They need hits. If they want hits from my work, give me the tools I need to do that work and I'll keep trying to produce hits for you.

I try to be really good and responsive to everyone who writes comments on my Instructables. It feels like I'm being unappreciated.

Seems like they could give the people who makes the top ten on the ratings and views lists a free pro upgrade. That gives me a goal to make some great work.

Right now you can't earn pro access you can only buy it.

It isn't that you aren't unappreciated, it is that they can't support the content you provide without money.

You see, servers, employees, domains, etc.  cost money.

If they go about handing free pro memberships to everyone who makes an instructable, they wouldn't be able to keep it up.

And they would lack money.

And then the site would go down.

And then your projects would cease to exist.
vanpaun (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
By making the top ten views list, you actually bring them a fair bit of money.

Lets say thay get .1 cents per view. That is $00.001. I have produced 66 dollars in revenue for them!

Handy man, closer to350 , That is not free, that is 'paid'. I say that loosely.

I'm not top ten in views. There are more than 200 Instructables with more views than my most viewed Instructable. The number was all my Instructables added together.

I am Top Ten in Ratings.
You can't earn pro access?

I disagree.

It can be won through contests.

AKA, if your instructable is good enough for one of the designated contests, you earn a pro membership.

For instance, look at the prizes in the https://www.instructables.com/contest/cocktailsvsmocktails/.
I didn't know they were awarding them as prizes. I haven't had any ideas that fit the recent contests.

I really just want Advanced Formatting. I've got several in process and needed headers and indents but couldn't do them. I explain everything in detail so anyone can make what I'm demonstrating. It ends up being way to much text to understand without the headers.

Being wordy is a problem for me everywhere :-)
vanpaun (author)  SFHandyman8 years ago

You have captured the essence of my argument.
joelandos8 years ago

and make download free.
i want it really

Pay the 40 bucks (for 2 years), and they are!  :)
vanpaun (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
I don't think downloads are as important, just print em like the old days!
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