A surge in Cardboard I'bles?

Am I missing some sort of trend? What's with all the cardboard costumes? Has anyone else noticed them popping up every few hours? I think some could do with ... you know a splash of paint ... but well I was wondering...

What's the trend?

Am I missing something?



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bertus52x117 years ago
Now I finally understand!
Kiteman7 years ago
It's a school project - I've asked a couple of them to ask their teacher to contact me, but not had a response yet.

She's just posted a response to this topic. Perhaps her students didn't pass on your request?
She did - we exchanged PMs yesterday, during which I let her know about this topic's existence.

Biggsy (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I wonder if part of their project is to upload it?
Kiteman Biggsy7 years ago
I'd think so - it's something I'm considering doing when I start working with older kids.
Biggsy (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Have you looked into the young engineers club? when I was doing my GCSE's (well over 10 years ago) I did DT res materials... and the young engineers have all sorts of fun activites and ideas... If my school at that time had access to something like this (we where lucky to even CONNECT to the net in those days) it would im sure have inspired creativity... I know it would have prepared me more for the Alevel side.. as you have to write porcesses and such... or well you did... when I was doing it
kinetike7 years ago
Hello! The influx of cardboard costumes is from a project I ran at my school. I am a design teacher at a school with a marine science flavor. This year I have 75 freshmen. I challenged the students to design and produce a flat pack cardboard costume with a marine theme. No adhesives. We are full swing into a new project to do a simulated submarine mission and this costume project was so that they could spend time with cardboard, measuring, and using tools to plan something real. Most had never done a project of this nature or this size. We are now working with only recyclable materials for the submarine habitat they must design and build, 4 total, because I have 4 classes. Some of them are more than 50 feet long! Thanks for all of the comments and insight to the teacher area I should join.
What a great idea! Instructables has, and continues to, welcome teacher participation in this way. You may want to contact Christy Canida directly for information on how I'bles might be able to assist you with the site-end of these sorts of projects.

Also, user Kiteman is a U.K. science teacher who's been an Instructables member since Britain was a U.S. colony ;->
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