A very disturbing "instructable"

Can someone please talk to someone in charge and take down an Instructable by "velacreations" named "Make a rabbit fur hat from scratch"?? This crazy person is encouraging people to breed bunnies and slaughter them for fur to make hats, need I say more?? Well I will, it's revolting, and extremely disturbing. I was in shock when this even came promoted to my email. I don't want to unsub from this site but will with no hesitation if this doesn't get removed. Rabbits are supposed to be wild or loved as pets. Not raised to be killed, butchered, and skinned (with kids at the house too boot it seems!) and spread across the internet with info on how to do it to tons of other defenseless bunnies. Come on now guys, don't stoop this low and think this acceptable.

Thank you and I truly hope action is taken ASAP.

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Kiteman5 years ago
(One thing that has not been mentioned yet - if you want to talk to headquarters, send an email to service@instructables.com - none of the commenters so far are employees of the site (although I think that's a moot point, since the topic's author has not responded to any of the comments either).)
kelseymh5 years ago
Unless you're fully vegan (i.e., no use of any clothing containing leather, no animal products of any kind in your home or at your place of business), you don't have a leg to stand on. You're revolted because killing animals isn't part of your lifestyle, that's fine. But don't try to impose your (possibly hypocritical) viewpoint on the rest of the world.
And more and more people anthropomorphize animals and relate to them like children....as you've mentioned, that has to lead either to veganism or hypocrisy.
josmets (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
I don't see yr point, in my earlier text I had only wrote (anthropomorphize-wise) that my species was going extinct then wouldn't be nice if people could leave my kind alone for a while. It was just a way of writing, not say they think like us literally. Everytime we lose a species it's usually very much not a good thing - not for just them, but for us too. Things have to be kept in check. Saying a fox is like yr pet dog but with a big difference of dropping to low numbers due to the fur industry is not anthropomorphizing either, obviously. No children comparisons or implies, just different species of animals that have one thing in common - no voice. We know they have a lot of the same emotions and instincts, afterall we are animals too. And just to add, i don't believe it's that hard to not be full blown vegan and live in a way that's not making animals miserable that help support your diet. They do what they do natually, get fed naturally, live out a complete life, etc and there is so much variety in food that makes animal products, specifically meat, not even close to being necesssary as people assume by culture. It's health and sustainable living reasons that we all should be moving towards but you imply that veganism is a bad path choice. Even the instructables author made a comment about "sustainable living," but things aren't going to revert back to the days like my great-grandparents and everyone had a chicken farm and massive land. It's not the way to go about in, IMO- but that is just an opinion on yr subject of "if you think animals are like humans and stop eating them then you will become a vegan or a hypocrite." I've manged for 20+ years and being known as or called a hypocrite has never been an issue for the people that know me. Again, this is off topic i believe but I don't like to be misunderstood if I can help it.
Did you know in the US, money from the sale of every box of bullets, every hunting/fishing license and other hunting/gun related stuff gets used for wildlife management. Since the Government has been "managing wildlife" there has not been one species of animal to go extinct.
It takes on average, in the great state of Texas, 10 YEARS for a single hunter to make a successful kill. Imagine all that money that he/she spent hunting that went to help protect wildlife and conserve wildlife for that 1 deer to be harvested.

That's kind of funny considering how many Montana residents have had sucess running them over with cars and trucks. There are 3 well shredded ones on the side of the road just 2 miles from here on the highway.

They just last year developed a system for a driver to claim the deer carcas. All you have to do is go to the fish and game web site and register your road kill. Then you can print out a tag and legally salvage what is left.

Kiteman josmets5 years ago
So, all your they're-too-cute-and-fluffy-to-eat arguments were false?

You say you're worried that they're going extinct?

There are probably 200 million rabbits in Australia alone, and anything up to 3 billion world-wide. That doesn't make them endangered by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, rabbits are a greater danger to humans, as a species, than the other way round, breeding, well, like rabbits, and consuming all green matter in their path, including tree saplings.

In the 1950s, myxomatosis killed off 95% of British wild rabbits - the population, though, has increased roughly 3-fold every year, and is now 45 million and still climbing.
Sorry, I was replying directly to Kelseymh.
But...rabbits are about as far from endangered as you can get.
Fun fact for vegans: shampoo and conditioners contain extracts of sheep.
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