A very disturbing "instructable"

Can someone please talk to someone in charge and take down an Instructable by "velacreations" named "Make a rabbit fur hat from scratch"?? This crazy person is encouraging people to breed bunnies and slaughter them for fur to make hats, need I say more?? Well I will, it's revolting, and extremely disturbing. I was in shock when this even came promoted to my email. I don't want to unsub from this site but will with no hesitation if this doesn't get removed. Rabbits are supposed to be wild or loved as pets. Not raised to be killed, butchered, and skinned (with kids at the house too boot it seems!) and spread across the internet with info on how to do it to tons of other defenseless bunnies. Come on now guys, don't stoop this low and think this acceptable.

Thank you and I truly hope action is taken ASAP.

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Kiteman4 years ago
(One thing that has not been mentioned yet - if you want to talk to headquarters, send an email to service@instructables.com - none of the commenters so far are employees of the site (although I think that's a moot point, since the topic's author has not responded to any of the comments either).)
kelseymh4 years ago
Unless you're fully vegan (i.e., no use of any clothing containing leather, no animal products of any kind in your home or at your place of business), you don't have a leg to stand on. You're revolted because killing animals isn't part of your lifestyle, that's fine. But don't try to impose your (possibly hypocritical) viewpoint on the rest of the world.
And more and more people anthropomorphize animals and relate to them like children....as you've mentioned, that has to lead either to veganism or hypocrisy.
josmets (author)  Goodhart4 years ago
I don't see yr point, in my earlier text I had only wrote (anthropomorphize-wise) that my species was going extinct then wouldn't be nice if people could leave my kind alone for a while. It was just a way of writing, not say they think like us literally. Everytime we lose a species it's usually very much not a good thing - not for just them, but for us too. Things have to be kept in check. Saying a fox is like yr pet dog but with a big difference of dropping to low numbers due to the fur industry is not anthropomorphizing either, obviously. No children comparisons or implies, just different species of animals that have one thing in common - no voice. We know they have a lot of the same emotions and instincts, afterall we are animals too. And just to add, i don't believe it's that hard to not be full blown vegan and live in a way that's not making animals miserable that help support your diet. They do what they do natually, get fed naturally, live out a complete life, etc and there is so much variety in food that makes animal products, specifically meat, not even close to being necesssary as people assume by culture. It's health and sustainable living reasons that we all should be moving towards but you imply that veganism is a bad path choice. Even the instructables author made a comment about "sustainable living," but things aren't going to revert back to the days like my great-grandparents and everyone had a chicken farm and massive land. It's not the way to go about in, IMO- but that is just an opinion on yr subject of "if you think animals are like humans and stop eating them then you will become a vegan or a hypocrite." I've manged for 20+ years and being known as or called a hypocrite has never been an issue for the people that know me. Again, this is off topic i believe but I don't like to be misunderstood if I can help it.
Did you know in the US, money from the sale of every box of bullets, every hunting/fishing license and other hunting/gun related stuff gets used for wildlife management. Since the Government has been "managing wildlife" there has not been one species of animal to go extinct.
It takes on average, in the great state of Texas, 10 YEARS for a single hunter to make a successful kill. Imagine all that money that he/she spent hunting that went to help protect wildlife and conserve wildlife for that 1 deer to be harvested.

That's kind of funny considering how many Montana residents have had sucess running them over with cars and trucks. There are 3 well shredded ones on the side of the road just 2 miles from here on the highway.

They just last year developed a system for a driver to claim the deer carcas. All you have to do is go to the fish and game web site and register your road kill. Then you can print out a tag and legally salvage what is left.

Kiteman josmets4 years ago
So, all your they're-too-cute-and-fluffy-to-eat arguments were false?

You say you're worried that they're going extinct?

There are probably 200 million rabbits in Australia alone, and anything up to 3 billion world-wide. That doesn't make them endangered by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, rabbits are a greater danger to humans, as a species, than the other way round, breeding, well, like rabbits, and consuming all green matter in their path, including tree saplings.

In the 1950s, myxomatosis killed off 95% of British wild rabbits - the population, though, has increased roughly 3-fold every year, and is now 45 million and still climbing.
Sorry, I was replying directly to Kelseymh.
But...rabbits are about as far from endangered as you can get.
Fun fact for vegans: shampoo and conditioners contain extracts of sheep.
Jayefuu Kiteman4 years ago
Fish is sometimes used in beer production:
Kiteman Jayefuu4 years ago
I sniffed a barrel full of that once - it's foul stuff.
It must have been a pub challenge to drink through the nose. I would not recommend it.
No, I was being nosy on a trip around a brewery.
I do hope they invited you in for a spot of tea.
Cancerkazoo4 years ago
Thanks for bringing this Instructable to my attention, I've been meaning to make something with rabbit fur.
I should try again myself. My last attempt failed miserably - I properly scraped and washed the "icky" side of the fur, and tacked it up to dry, but I think I went wrong when I only used kosher salt for a cure. It got all moldy and had to be thrown away.
I wouldn't think being kosher or not shouldn't matter AFAIK, but the amount and distribution of the salt certainly would
Chicken noodle soup would be the cure.
That would be gross if you used that to cure chicken skin, but then, curing chicken skin is gross in and of itself.

And I see NO cure for punitis
When puns go sour, you might have to eat them words and would be a hard thing to swallow.
How cliche`. So if a person that puns a lot goes sour, doest that make him/her a pundit ?
Punned there. Punned that.
Go ahead: pun. Make my day.
Goodhart Moem4 years ago
This is REALLY punishing
Moem Goodhart4 years ago
What can I say... Girls just wanna have pun.
Goodhart Moem4 years ago
Fall back and Pun(t)
We survived the...

Oh, I wasn't mentioning it like it would matter - just an irrelevant detail. I think of it as "kosher salt" but I know it doesn't really make a difference. I think I needed to use some kind of actual chemical.

I used a ton of it, all over, and it worked at first but then got moldy. Perhaps it just got damp from ambient humidity when I started taking the salt off? That's my theory, anyway.
Yes, it would "work at first" as it pulls moisture from the hide. It needs replacing before molds can grow. Curing is not a simple job....it takes work and diligence to make sure it cures proplerly.

Some advice from a friend: What you need is non-iodized salt. It is available in your grocery store. Do not use ice cream salt. the grains are too large and will spot your hide and cure it unevenly. Use the non-iodized table salt. Then go to the drug store and get some alum. It is also avaliable whereever food canning suplies are sold. Mix the salt and alum together and thoroughly coat the flesh side of the hide with a heavy layer of the salt/alum mixture. Allow this to set for a couple of days and then scrape it off and throw it away. Replace it with another layer of salt/aluim mixture and let it set for several days. This will cure your hide and keep the hair from slipping. At the end of this time, your hide should be dry and hard. Now get some Neats Foot Oil (mink oil works also) and work a good coat into the hide. Now the work begins. Get an old baseball bat and make sure that the end is smooth. Fix it so it will stand up with the bat end sticking up. Start working the hide over the end of the bat to break up the collagin in the hide. The collagin is what makes it hard. Keep adding oil and working it until it is soft enough to do what ever it is you want to do with it. Be patient, this last part takes some time and work.
I only just now saw this comment - thank you! I am filing this away for later. :)
You are welcome, Glad I could be of some assistance, instead of a general annoyance (of late). ;-)
blkhawk4 years ago
I would like to know why some of my comments on this topic have been removed. I have noticed a "disturbing" trend of censoring some of my comments even though I have not said anything not nice. Contributing my opinion does not mean that I am not being nice. Some of my comments have been removed much faster than some SPAM that I have flagged. I feel singled out. Would anyone please explain?
I have experienced the same thing. Can't offer much help except to offer the advice to log out to see if your comment is actually showing up, because sometimes it will only show up to you (to keep you from realizing what's going on).
Thank you for the information. It feels like someone is going around censoring comments.
once crapflinger removed their comment it deleted yours and lithium rains. they went through cause i got them in the email.

i didn't remove mine, so, that whole thing must have gotten removed by someone else.

i don't remove comments that when i still mean them
< goes to read the ibles conspiracy topics >
Could it be that the seemingly-absent author is actually lurking and flagging comments they don't like?
josmets (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Just thought I'd chime in to let you know that I have NOT censored ANY comments nor did I think I even had the "power" to do so. I have not contributed further to this thread for two reasons. 1- clearly no seems to be in much of an agreement so there's not much more to say, I've already made my point and said my 2cents. 2- The owner of the Instructables site did get back to me and ironically has censored me. This same post was put on the instructable page itself and was removed by the owner. Here is his reply:

We do not evaluate anyone's politics, and will not be removing the Instructable.  It is well-documented and does not violate our be nice policy.  

However, we have removed your comment on the Instructable as it did violate the be nice policy and was not constructive.  I believe it is possible to express your feeling that rabbits are better as pets in a constructive comment -- or perhaps more powerfully as an Instructable on the best care for rabbits or similar.  If you decide Instructables is not the place for you, we will respect that decision, but will be sad to see you go. 

Eric J. Wilhelm
Instructables.com Founder

How this is a "political" issue or how me posting an Instructable myself would help in this matter is BEYOND me. I'm choosing to unsub and opt out. I liked this site until the recent promotions like this came to my email. This is certainly NOT what I signed up for much less wanting to support a site/owner that censors my comments. This will be the last I write as I don't like to waste my time typing risking that it will be deleted. Who would right? I believe that many others that speak up on this site are censored too because there is a very peculiar LACK of oppositional remarks about this on his page and there isn't really a "nice, constructive" way to word something when one is literally appalled. We live in a day and age where animals go extinct for their fur and synthetics are EASY to come by. I'm not saying rabbits are any where in the predicament of extinction but encouraging people to make their own fur products is just f'ing insane. Perhaps I'll check in once in blue moon but no way do I want more promos coming in since they clearly have the ANYTHING GOES policy. As long as they see profit who cares, right?

lemonie josmets4 years ago
This will be the last I write as I don't like to waste my time typing risking that it will be deleted
-Why did you bother with all of that then?

You don't understand the site's philosophy but disagree with your perception of it's ethics. Not coming back is probably the best thing to do.


(CAPS is not good, it makes you look like a child or very angry)
josmets (author)  lemonie4 years ago
I didn't write in all caps. There's no italic here or bold or any other way to stress things as if i was speaking. If it was all caps i could understand but the amount i used , you're nitpicking. I bothered with it to respond to those worrying about deleted comments and thought i could give them peace of mind. And also to let them know comments are deleted by the owner himself.
Kiteman josmets4 years ago
(See that button that says "Rich Editor"?)
No, they don't, because they aren't PRO.
Er, yes they do.

(I have a non-pro account for testing purposes).
Ah, my mistake.
blkhawk josmets4 years ago
I must say that I never found your original posting offensive. Although I do not necessarily agree with it. I believe that two things make a comment "not nice": foul language and personal (ad hominem) attacks. You never used foul language but you called the author in question crazy. I could see that you were appalled by what you saw but in real life people have the right to believe whatever they want. 
@blkhawk: Ah, I didn't see (or forgot) the part about calling the person crazy. That might make a difference (I still disagree with the comment evisceration that's been going on, however).
comment evisceration? Does that give you a bad "in the gut" feeling ? >:-D
Heart of the matter is, there was some bile spewed somewhere.
They'd be a very very sick person, spewing bile from the heart. A new definition of heart burn I suppose.
Well, I *very* much disagree with the specifics of your position, but I take the Voltaire approach - I hate that people on both sides are being summarily, and silently, shut down by hidden arbiters (in like vein, I do disagree with your demand to remove the instructable, separately from disagreeing with the specifics of your position on the subject matter). I'm all too familiar with the feeling.
Kiteman josmets4 years ago
You complain about your comments being "censored", yet that is exactly what you demanded when you started this thread.

Don't let the internet catch you on the way out...
Seems like divine intervention on this one. You must do two ibles before the morning to repent for your snarkiness.
Tsk, tsk!
Of course, the grassy knoll...what was this topic about again?
I'm not sure, but a paranoid-looking chap and a red-head in shoulder-pads just went past...
(Who's the red-head? Canuck?)
I think someone made the mistake of messing with you!

Tank Girl cover
I still don't know who she's supposed to be!

blkhawk Kiteman4 years ago
Not me man! I am wearing my aluminium foil helmet to avoid being controlled by "them"! Whomever they are! :-P
Except if you aren't a member of the Jesuitical CT, your flags don't automatically hide anything (unless they changed something very recently).
They're not instant, true, but HQ now have people keeping a permanent eye on the the flags, for more of the day than the office is open.

(Jesuitical? Me? LOL)
@ blkhawk: There is a reason it feels like that...
Kiteman blkhawk4 years ago
I don't remember all your comments, but I certainly don't recall any flaggable ones.

It's possible that comments you replied to were removed, and that the tail end of the thread was excised as well. Does that seem feasible, since you know what comments have gone?
blkhawk Kiteman4 years ago
That is a good explanation although I also replied to the TheMattHatter and that comment was also removed.
Kiteman4 years ago
Cuniculture has been an established agricultural practice for at least fifteen centuries.

As for "wild", networks of rabbit-tunnels are known as warrens after the medieval practice of granting permission to hunt specific small game in defined areas without fear of prosecution as a poacher.

The unnatural aspect of raising rabbits is the relatively modern practise of anthropomorphism that prevents otherwise-sane individuals from dealing with prey animals in the manner for which they were originally domesticated.

(You probably think Guinea pigs are supposed to be cute little pets as well...)
Ooo, ooo, Caitlin on her jaunt in Ecuador.
that reminds me of the "pigeon on a stick" they have on sale in the streets of Korea. I dont know what animal it was but it was only a dollar!
Pigeon is called "squab", it's a delicacy just like escargot...
Street vendor? Awesome! I did lots of street-vendor food in Beijing back in the day (early '90s). You don't always know about hygiene, but you do know it's fresh :-)
Fresh doesn't always mean delicious, though. :( (As I learned to my sorrow, German food in Italy is...not necessarily delicious, haha.)
No, no it doesn't. Fresh sea cucumber is not .... delicious.
It must not have been "seasoned" correctly >:-D

Ugh! Did you try that knowingly?! 

I didn't have a lot of choice. It was at a banquet for our scientific collaboration in Beijing.
You did lots of street vendors back in the day...wait, I read that too fast...
Sorry, I've never been to Seventh Avenue.


But I do I think I've lost my harmonica, Albert.
I think I see what you did there...
What is on the grill?
good eats...I think...
It probably tastes like.......rabbit....oh wait, that's how this thread got started in the first place :-)
Kiteman blkhawk4 years ago
Go on, guess...
blkhawk Kiteman4 years ago
It looks like some sort of rodent! I had my share of exotic meats like Cajun catfish, alligator, snakes and Rocky Mountain's Oysters (bull testicles).
Kiteman blkhawk4 years ago
Guinea pig, I think (see thread above).
yeah, pretty hefty cavy.....even the one's I raise hardly ever have that much "meat" on them (even if they get fat).
Is that really cui, or is the picture staged for the unwashed masses who can't tell lagomorpha from rodentia?
bring me your tired, your hungry, your poor...time for lunch
To be fair, the "modern" (fancy colored) guinea pig is a bit of a distant relative to the ones still bred for eating IIRC BUT, most of the cavies in the USA are direct decedents of lab animals.
i dont understand the shock value of this instructable. Have we been "sissy"fied in the last 100 yrs or so to think that growing your own meat is unacceptable?
This is how your great grand parents survived, was by growing their own food and eating them if not you would die. Also kids would raise these animals for extra spending money. Their parents didnt just give them cash to blow.
The instructable is a little unrealistic, there is no blood, no viscera being removed and the hide looks a little too photogenic but they have their kids involved so that they can grow up and share the traditions of raising and skinning your own food.
This is no different than raising cattle to slaughter. except most people do not have the facilities to slaughter beef.
In a word: anthropomorphism
lemonie4 years ago
Rabbits are supposed to be wild not loved as pets.

ChrysN4 years ago
I was upset by that too. Not to mention the squirrel hunting, skinning and eating videos that were posted yesterday. But then again I also don't like all the knife and gun Instructables either. But like Hack42Moem said many people eat meat and wear fur, and (unfortunately) they're not likely to stop soon. We can only control our own actions and we can't change other people.
blkhawk ChrysN4 years ago
I understand why you and other people are disgusted with knives and guns instructables. I am not a gun lover but I like the idea of making knives. I am not fascinated, like some people, with a huge collection of knives but I like making something practical like a knife. It requires some skills and knowledge of metallurgy. There is a legend that Benjamin Franklin reasoned that there was no problem with eating meat since he found a smaller fish inside a larger one.
ChrysN blkhawk4 years ago
True, there is the practical aspect of knives, I certainly have some in my kitchen and some utility knives too that I definitely rely upon.
canucksgirl4 years ago
I don't disagree with your opinion. Its not something that I could or would do, and I think that most people probably fall into this category, so I don't necessarily see that a lot of people are going to start this practice because someone posted an Instructable on it. If anything, I think Instructables like this are posted merely for their 'shock value', and are best ignored if you don't agree with them.

I also can't speak for this website, but its generally been the practice to disallow Instructables that are illegal or dangerous, and sadly the Instructables in question don't violate any laws (that I'm aware of).

The other point (that many have made) is that similar practices are followed all the time and aren't censored. For someone to eat turkey at Thanksgiving required an animal to be slaughtered; and if someone posted an Instructable on making something with the turkey feathers then you'd have to consider censoring that as well because its really not much different. Whether you approve or not, the legal killing of animals does take place everyday for the sole purpose of becoming a meal, for leather or for some other use. I still couldn't hurt a rabbit for a stupid hat, but I don't think that censorship is the answer...
monsterlego4 years ago
Well people have been using animals for their hide since the dawn of time, so its nothing new :l
I sugest you don't stop there. The internet is full of things much much worse, you should unplug from the net in protest! That will show them!
.  The TV has people killing each other on the news everyday. Ban the TV!
.  Books have been written on this and other disterbing subjects! Burn all the books boycott the library!
.  Every religion refers to eating plants and animals! Boycott life!
.  We should all just crawl back into a hole and never interact with our surroundings because someone doesn't like something or is offended!
Someone else should take care of us from cradle to grave and not hurt or offend anyone else, unless you approve.

Big Brother is Watching You
Not in my world
Moem4 years ago
Yes, it's disturbing. Just as disturbing that millions of defenseless cows and pigs are slaughtered for their meat and hide every day.
That bothers me, too, but what can I do? Many people eat meat and wear fur, and they're not likely to stop soon.

I don't see rabbits as more deserving of protection than other animals. Sorry.
Not this again. -_-
I have owned pet rabbits, I also own a rabbit fur hat... I fail to see the issue - rabbit stew and a hat.

No worse than keeping chickens...

Not to inflame but it isn't really awful, no worse than any farming etc. For the record, wild rabbits, yes, pet rabbits no - having kept them I can say they make poor pets, plenty cuddly but they eat and eat or escape, keeping them in a hutch seems the mean bit to me.
caitlinsdad4 years ago
You would have to define "crazy". I don't believe you have perused the hundreds of other instructables along the same lines.