A very special new member

Evening, all!

I would like to introduce a new member to you all.

It's #1 son.

No, he isn't actually called Roger, any more than I am called Kiteman - that is just his online name.

Go say hello on his Orange board if you want: don't worry if he doesn't respond as rapidly as I do - he has the same problem accessing the computer that Kitewife does ;-)

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Bartboy8 years ago
I told you to tell him to join! But for some reason, you seemed to ignore any comments I posted....
Kiteman (author)  Bartboy8 years ago
The time wasn't yet right.
I love #1 son's description.. Hello. I am #1 Son. Yes, my Dad is Kiteman. (does he know your famous?)
FaqMan8 years ago
Wow the whole family that is pretty cool also welcome to the site.
Kiteman (author)  FaqMan8 years ago
Not the whole family - #2 son has a few years to go before he joins.
. If you are referring to the 13 yo age limit, that doesn't seem to be enforced. I'd much rather see an "under-aged," well-behaved, supervised, KiteKid on here than some of the members we already have. He can't be any worse than dear ol' Dad. heehee
But if one is going to quote rules and guidelines to others, then it behooves one to follow them oneself. It also behooves one to speak in passive, third person voice when one is making generalizations, doesn't it?
Hahaha. Excellent point. I still say the rules could be bent a bit, especially as this one dosen't seem to be a big deal, but I totally respect Kiteman for sticking to the rules.
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
To be honest, #1 son Roger-X is a few months short of the official age, but he has proven himself sensible and safe on other websites, is not frivolous with his personal details, and I think he is mature enough to join in.

Plus, I have subscribed to his ID and I know all his passwords.
gmjhowe Kiteman8 years ago
pffft at age ten i was watching alien and browsing freely on the internets... Its good to keep an eye on him, but don't stifle him. His freedom will only help to improve his creativity.
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