I am new to led lights. I want to make some lamps that run off ac power. My qt is what do I need to run a dc led on ac. Simple I know but I still need help. Thanks

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. If you are talking about mains AC (110-220VAC), then all you need is a transformer to step the voltage down and run two LEDs in parallel, with the polarity swapped on one on them. More practically, you'll probably want to use a rectifier bridge and some form of current limiting.
i could swear i already said that. you forgot a fuse and a capacitor though.
. Yeah, but I said it different. heehee
but not better!!
. It might be! If my slightly different explanation is the one that causes the lightbulb to turn on, it's "better," isn't it? Maybe my way of phrasing things will fit better with the way s/he thinks. Maybe not. Only The Shadow knows.
you forgot the capacitor and fuse!! how can it be better? and oscar also knows.
. Well, if I can trigger an epiphany, then s/he can turn to you for the details. ;)
. Who's Oscar? Oscar T. Grouch?
. Fuses?!?!? We don' need no stinkin' fuses! LOL
oscar is my lab coat. i got the idea from a sci-fi novel.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
straight off of ac: a 1n1004 diode, and a (forgot the value) 1 W resistor. I think you might need a capacitor too so you don't see the flicker. or just take a cell charger, google led calculator, enter all the values and find a resistor
a wall wart transformer with and extra capacitor and zener diode would work fine i dont think 1 watt is enough to reduce 110 to 4 or so
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