AC Voltage Attenuation?

Hello, All- I am making my second version of the "Tube Lamp." Others have managed to wire in these neat-looking old analog meters on theirs, and I thought that would be something I'd like to try. I bought a couple 1-10VAC meters from The problem is (besides the fact that I am an electronics idiot) that obviously if I try to wire in this particular meter to normal 110 AC, the meter will blow up. Is there a way to attenuate the voltage coming out of the dimmer to "play nice" with the 1-10 VAC meter? I suppose I would need to divide the voltage by a factor of 10. How would I step down the voltage to the meter only, while supplying the bulbs with the proper voltage? Any help would be appreciated!

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40percentrobot (author) 9 years ago
so, an AC transformer "with no rectifying circuit" - meaning it doesn't rectify to DC? cool! I don't know much about the meter itself. I shall attempt to post pics: The first one is the front (this is one that i've already blown up - that's why the needle is reading voltage...) The next one is the back - the marks in the white circle are "W 105 A" And the last one is the tag from the box - " Multimeter 1EA A- 6/65 36(600))17004 MA 65-6 643" Maybe this helps? Sorry about the pic quality. Thanks!!!
gmoon9 years ago
I guess you could use a voltage divider with AC, just as you would with DC. But I don't know the current draw of the meter--it might require such small resistance values that you'd need 5 or 10 watt resistors... Certainly a step-down transformer would do the trick...9V or even 10V secondaries aren't that unusual. Or a little signal generator to create an AC current at the voltage you need...
transformers your best bet, make sure it's rated for the current.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
all you need is a transformer with nor rectifying circuit
with no* rectifying circuit