Hey everybody, as you may know from the title, this topic is about AIM. If you ever have any questions, or just want to talk, I'm almost always at my computer, and online. My AIM screen name is Knexinnovation. And of course, we can talk knex! (Maybe find out about some projects in the making + D)

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koolkidd9 years ago
Hey Mepain! I searched you and there weren't any results.
mutt2569 years ago
aim is mutt291!
Medrephobic10 years ago
AIM is so pointless.
Mepain (author)  Medrephobic10 years ago
I say this because the conversations usually go like this:

nm u?
nm :P

the end.
thats how most my real world conversasions go
most of my real-world conversations go much like this:

Me: I'm ambidextrous

Other: Dexter had something amputated ?

Me: It formed a colloidal solution

Other: sounds kinky.

Whaleman Goodhart10 years ago
Mepain (author)  Whaleman10 years ago
Lemme guess, you're the "other" aren't you?
Whaleman Mepain10 years ago
Maybe........ (-.-)
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