New instructables feature for FREE users

After the success of my first Perl script thread, I just had inspiration to write another one (or modify the last rather)

In this thread, I give a breakdown of your instructables by views. You get to see the number of instructables you have that have 1000-9999 views, 10000-24999 views, 25000-49999 views, 50000-99999 views and 10000+ views. As well as the total views of all of your instructables as before.


So here is my fact about eric:


Instructables: 124
Total Ible Views: 1660250
1,000-9,999 views: 74
10,000-24,999 views: 21
25,000-49,999 views: 8
50,000-99,999 views: 6
100,000+ views: 1

And a less interesting one about me:


Instructables: 16
Total Ible Views: 66682
1,000-9,999 views: 7
10,000-24,999 views: 1
25,000-49,999 views: 1
50,000-99,999 views: 0
100,000+ views: 0

Post below to see yours!

I also have another script available here which downloads all of your instructables, or someone else's for alter reading, as pdfs.

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Hiyadudez7 years ago
A little late, but please could you do one for me, my good man?
DJ Radio8 years ago
Do one for me?
Jayefuu (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Instructables: 21
Total Ible Views: 88443

1,000-9,999 views: 14
10,000-24,999 views: 0
25,000-49,999 views: 1
50,000-99,999 views: 0
100,000+ views: 0
I wanna see how many I have now.  Time for an update?
How do I get more pageviews lolz?
Jayefuu (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I should think it's to do with the content of your instructables. Knex only appeals to a certain amount of people, other topics get more response. For example, one of my first ibles was hugely popular because it combined easy electronics and pranks, 2 things a lot of people like. My recipe ibles got a lot less attention as you can find recipes all over the internet, so they're of less interest to people (i think).
Jayefuu (author)  Jayefuu8 years ago
That wasn't meant to sound like "Knex is rubbish", it just has a limited audience is all I meant. :p
But however my Lego guide gets more views than knex?  I guess it would get about 15,000-20,000 views if it wasn't featured, so I don't see what makes lego get a wider audience than Knex? 
zieak DJ Radio7 years ago
I don't see what makes lego get a wider audience than Knex? 

Well, LEGO have been around a lot longer than K'nex.  As a "toy" it appeals to generations... Other than that i will refrain from waxing poetic about them!
DJ Radio zieak7 years ago
I guess that's why Knex is making their own bricks. 
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