As a nice I believe  member since 2006
I wonder if anyone else is taken back by their avatar and We have a "be nice" comment policy

Every where you may comment, now staring you in the face ?

Or maybe, I said something and it's ONLY ME ?

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Tomdf5 years ago
One can certain dissagre nicely:
"I don't believe that X will work, perhaps Y would work better"
Instead of:
"Man your dumb"

Personally, my internal filtering doesn't even see the "be nice" text anymore.
iceng (author)  Tomdf5 years ago
You are remarkable that way as I regret am not.

My source of irritation is not the message coming up when I comment.

My displeasure is that now that message is showing continuously
no matter weather I comment or not ! !
Kiteman5 years ago
The policy has always existed, and has always been displayed at the foot of comment boxes.

It's just more obvious now, because the comment box is always open, and the policy is writ larger and darker than previously.

Some folk may feel patronised by the reminder, but it is my opinion that the reminder is part of the reason why we continue to have such a positive community - it prevents us descending into the stinking mire of YouTube-type commentary.
iceng (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Not offended any more, simply changed my visage to a Czech-point :)

I like the update, looks like I'm shouting things from the sign I'm on...

Policy's always been the same, or is it the bold that upsets you...

Is the policy being bold? Policies can be awful unruly at times...
iceng (author)  killerjackalope5 years ago
When I'm simply browsing this stares at me ALL THE TIME no matter what :(
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Mine says: "We have a "be punny" comment policy.  Please be positive you have good puns when you construct your comments"  I resemble that remark.
iceng (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
blkhawk5 years ago
Who said "Rules are meant to be broken"? Anyway, although it is a deterrent to some people, the warning will not stop others in not being nice in subtle (and no so subtle) ways.
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