AR-4 v3 mods.

Ok, so I made some mods to my AR-4 v3. There are 3 major mods, a couple of other minor cosmetic mods, and one performance mod.

Picture 2- minor stock mod. This mod allows people to extend their stocks to make it longer.

Picture 3- New hopper based off of Killerboy's removable mags. Major mod. By using his hopper as a fixed mag, It now allows me to hold 9 yellow rods, which is pretty big. It does jam, but rarely. The rounds will all stay in the hopper if you vigorously shake it, and you can remove the rounds pretty easily.

Picture 4- Minor trigger mod. All it is is replacing the hinge with 2 Y connectors, a white rod, and a purple one slot connector.

Picture 5- Scope mod. This connects the scope to the top of the gun, making it a better hand grip for carrying.

Picture 6- Yet another scope mod. This mod was made to adapt to the new fake barrel, which was filled up instead of only the middle row having the orange connectors.

Picture 7- Mod to the bottom of the gun. The last one was just having blue rods, this one fills it up with connectors.

Picture 8- Foregrip mod. This is the second of the 3 major mods. I did away with the bipod and modded the bottom to have a new grip. Mainly a comfort mod.

Picture 9- Barrel mod. The last major mod. This mod was made after several people noted that the ammo needed some 'Help' to get into the barrel. I basically just filled in the hollow area where the ammo would jump from the hopper to the barrel, so you dont have to stick your finger in. Picture taken from top of gun. That stuff above it is what you connect the scope to.

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I am just trying to add a laser sight to my to my Ar4 V3
DJ Radio (author)  bullet tooth chris7 years ago
Add it to the top of the barrel near the front.
I don't find any of these mods necessary.
DJ Radio (author)  Killer~SafeCracker8 years ago
Try at least the hopper and the barrel mods. Hopper gives you more shots, and the barrel mod improves the transition from hopper to barrel, also fill up the fake barrel.
yay you used my mag! well half of it but still
DJ Radio (author)  The_Lost_Carrot8 years ago
Yeah, I liked it better as a fixed mag.
if you still have this and you want it to be bad@$$ take off the whit con at the end of the real barrel if you dont understand just look down the fake barrel and you should see a white con and thats got to go to make it better
DJ Radio (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak8 years ago
oh ok. I know what you are talking about, but it seems like the ammo can easily slide down the barrel and fall out without that white connector.
kinda i used cut grays so it stays but you cant put it an a severire downward angle
good mods to your gun, I too modded my sniper today now it has a fake suppressor
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