AR-4 Commando v3-NOW POSTED


Do you think this gun makes the AR-4 v2 look like a noob's toy? plz answer!

This is a new bolt-action knex assault rifle I made. It shoots Yellow rods. This gun is the first bolt action to my knowledge that doesnt use modded part.

For those of you who dont think it is true bolt action, to shoot the gun, you have to pull the ram/bolt back, then push the bolt back while leaving the ram pulled back.


-True trigger
-includes bipod (foldable)
-tight looks
-includes scope
-6 round hopper
-30-40 foot range (one rubberband doubled up)
-Safety (new)

EDIT- I have put tape on the part of the bolt that pulls the firing pin back, and it gets an increased range. the tape straightens the parts that hold the bolt, decreasing friction.

This started out as one of my failed projects, I made it before the jackal and showed it to ajleece and some others. The original one had a bottom loading removable mag, shot blue rods 5 feet. I took it apart to make my jackal, and then I got the idea to make it a true bolt action.

I was not trying to compete with the ZKAR, I was just trying to make my AR-4 v3 work.

Here is a video of me firing it on youtube:

Picture of AR-4 Commando v3-NOW POSTED
Knex guns 040.JPG
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DrWeird1178 years ago
You sound so much different than I expected.
DJ Radio (author)  DrWeird1178 years ago
how would you expect me to sound?
With a Southern accent. LA isn't the South.
DJ Radio (author)  DrWeird1178 years ago
AGREED!!! wow...
chopstx8 years ago
where is the ZKAR? i tried to find it but i couldn't. :-(

any way 5*
DJ Radio (author)  chopstx8 years ago
its on KI. thx.
Owenmon8 years ago
Nice! Just one question, though. What kind of ammo breech is it? 4.5 Stars!
DJ Radio (author)  Owenmon8 years ago
I saw. And I was the first viewer! (The odds.... :-D)
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