i wanted to do a little thing on to see which gun is better AR4-v3 or the ZKAR?

AR4-v3 advantages: The AR4 is a good gun, so I'll point out the advantages of it. This gun is jam free, has very good range (52 feet), has some good looks, easy to load, no cut parts, powerful, doesn't use that much pieces, nicely designed, good for sniping, comfortable, would be great for a war, and is very light to carry.

AR4-v3 disadvantages: Every knex gun isn't perfect so I'll point out some disadvantages of this gun. The sights are not accurate and has a original trigger system. i couldn't think of any other disadvantages, point out any more out to me if you can.

ZKAR v2 advantages: This gun is light to carry, has awesome range (40-50), good for a knex war, fast loading, accurate sights, powerful, uses few pieces, no cut parts, jam free, comfortable, good trigger system, and very well designed.

ZKAR v2 disadvantages: of course again, not all knex guns are perfect not that new of a trigger design, and has cut parts.

overall both guns are really good for the ar4 better for sniping, for the zkar better for closer range.

The gun I would have for a war is *drum roll starts playing* the.........................ZKAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations that gun just won one million dollars (not really). also the reason why i chose this gun is because it holds more ammo than the ar4, this gun also has a nice design, very neat on how it works, and is one of the best guns for a war is what i think


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MegaMetal87 years ago
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  MegaMetal87 years ago
this whole thread was posted by me like half a year ago. Kind of a late comment.
Was that bump really necessary?
Jesus.8 years ago
an AR4 v3 disadvantage it is bad for knex war because if you run around the ammo will fall out.
and it is not jam free (infact i had to mod mine not to jam on every shot.).
DJ Radio Jesus.8 years ago
Not really, If you use the 9 round mag, the ammo will never fall out.  It never jammed for me.
Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)  Jesus.8 years ago
same here i had to mod mine too, the gun tore up a lot of my pieces
Well I wouldn't use the ZKAR or AR4-v3. But if I had to use one I would use the AR4-v3. I could never get the ZKAR to shoot, let alone get 35 feet. The AR4-v3 at least shoot but not vary far, maybe 20 feet at most. So I would say the AR4-v3 would win.
well i fixed to talk about v2 of the zkar because first i did this on v1
Really? I put 4 #64's on my pin, and got 70+ft. flat. Up to about 80 angled.
I thinks yousa did somethin wrong.
No offense.
And again, I'd choose ZBA because of the fact that it has a bullet lock, and therefore the chambered round won't fall out.
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
I have a modded AR-4 v3 that has a bullet lock as well.
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