ATX power supply to run a raspberry pi

Has anyone used a ATX power supply to run a raspberry pi with peripherals such as hdd's and dvd drives. If you have what considerations should I take into account, I found this howto here
but it's for making a lab power supply so not exactly what I need.

donestuff (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for the reply Joe
Do you have a link to a video tutorial on how to set this up using a desktop computer power supply unit. As far as I can tell from pictures the raspberry pi uses a 5v power pack with a barrel plug.
You'll have to forgive my ignorance but what is a current limiting circuit.
Actually, the PI does not have a barrel plug (I wish it did...). Instead, it gets power from the micro-usb port just to the right of the SD card slot. If you want to build a custom power source you'll need to cut up a micro-USB cable and attach your 5v power line to the cable's +5v wire (red) and your ground to the black wire.

And heed Josehf's warning about a current-limiting resistor...
The ATX lab power supply is what a lot of people use I would add a current limiting circuit to the output for use with raspberry pi or arduino.